Nov 12, 2021
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Blogger Kolgin: even Chinese people who are far from politics love Vladimir Putin


Blogger Kolgin: even Chinese people who are far from politics love Vladimir Putin
Administration of the President of Russia

In his blog on the Yandex.Zen portal, Kolgin said that after moving to China, he was very surprised at how the Chinese treat the head of the Russian state. For residents of the country, including friends of the blogger, the president’s surname has become a household name and directly associated with Russia. The author of the article noted that Putin is admired not only by the Chinese who are keen on international politics, but also by the apolitical residents of the country.

“A friend of mine believes that a person of this magnitude can provide a bright future for the economy of all of Europe. … My friend is far from politics, but even she considers the actions of our leader to be a figure worthy of emulation. Unlike many modern politicians, he has a fairly steady hand – just one that is ready to rebuff the West, ”he explained.

According to the blogger, Vladimir Putin is loved in China no less than in Russia. This fact provides serious food for thought, he writes.

“Everyone has their own opinions and values, which I respect. In general, it turned out interestingly – it seems that in China Putin is loved no less than in Russia, ”concluded Max Kolgin.

Earlier, the American television channel CNN announced that the West was to blame for the emergence of the “most dangerous version” of Vladimir Putin. The journalists stressed that the energy crisis has strengthened the position of the Russian leader in the world arena.

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