Apr 1, 2021
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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds vaccinated against coronavirus: “Finally got 5G”

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds vaccinated against coronavirus: "Finally got 5G"

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds, 44, and Blake Lively, 33, seem capable of playing any situation with humor. Recently, the spouses were vaccinated against coronavirus and talked about it on social networks.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

I finally got 5G,

Reynolds joked, hinting at the popular chipping conspiracy theory.

He did not stop there and continued to joke in his story.

Ryan Reynolds

Science is sexy. My hat? Probably there is

– he wrote.

But Ryan wouldn’t have been Ryan if he hadn’t thought about his wife. In the spirit of the fashion tabloids, he decided to compare his look with Blake’s bow in a knitted blue hat from the filming of The Rhythm Section.

Ryan Reynolds / Blake Lively

To whom does the hat suit better?

– asked the actor.

Now the spouses go toe to toe in this fashionable battle. Ryan wins his wife in the fashion battle, but his gap with Blake is still insignificant, so he has every chance of winning.

Ryan Reynolds / Blake Lively

Blake has not yet answered her husband, but she also publicly spoke about her vaccination.

Blake Lively

Find yourself someone who will look at you the way I look at the gallant nurse vaccinating me,

– she wrote.

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