May 3, 2022
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Black Sea: Erdogan irritates the Pentagon, but stands his ground

In the photo: view of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey

Photo: View of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey (Photo: AP Photo/Emrah Gurel/TASS)

According to the pro-government Turkish publication Sabah, the Turkish Air Force has withdrawn from the NATO exercise “Tiger Meet” (“Meeting of Tigers”) in Greece, which will be held from May 9 to 22. True, Athens themselves emphasize that it was allegedly their main headquarters that canceled the invitation to Ankara – “because of the constant violations of Greek air borders by Turkish fighters and the flight over the Greek islands.”

The Turks immediately played back this pass of the cunning Hellenes, declaring publicly that “the host country has prepared such a technical agreement on the implementation of measures that was aimed against Turkey.”

Actually, it looks like the Greeks. Although the Turks too. In their cunning and mutual idiosyncrasy, they are worth each other. And the insidious and insensitive Greeks allegedly refused to change the anti-Turkish technical conditions that offend the sensitive Ottomans to the depths of their souls.

In response, the Turks decided to give an air slap in the face to their bosom enemies. Turkish aviation literally “slashed the Greek sky” over the Aegean Sea. Turkish fighters showed all their skills in air combat, making over a hundred unsanctioned sorties by the Greek side in a day.

Aces of the Ottomans showed the Greeks all the somersaults – from the barrel to the “loop Pokryshkin“, clearly provoking those to respond. There was no air combat.

The Greeks didn’t take off. Their air defense did not work either.

Although if the Greek Air Force had taken to the air and an air battle had begun, he could quickly go into ground combat. And an accurate volley of Greek air defense could immediately provoke this ground battle.

And two NATO members with centuries-old claims to each other could grapple in mortal combat, crushing each other on their own and foreign territories.

The military potential of Turkey is incomparable with the Greek, and the Turks, in addition, do not get out of the fighting. The Greek army, on the other hand, has been living in the regime of a relaxed southern sinecure for the past few decades, in which the population of resort regions usually resides. Therefore, it can be assumed that the Hellenes in this meat grinder would have had a hard time. The Turks themselves will joke about this, that they will fight at the pace of “dances with scimitars”, and the Greeks – at the rhythm of sirtaki.

The matter was limited to an angry protest expressed to the Turkish side by the Greek Foreign Ministry. The Turks pretended not to notice him. The dance ended before it even started.

This incident has its own long history of hatred. On the one hand, both Turkey and Greece are members of NATO. On the other hand, historically closed enemies. And therefore, for many years they cannot agree on the right to the sky above the surface of the Aegean Sea, rich in oil and gas. Recently, things have come to the point that the “sworn partners” in the breaks between exercises in the format of NATO countries have introduced daily patrols in the airspace around the “disputed” Greek islands. In the process of being on duty, the pilots imitate air attacks on each other, turning away from the line of attack at the very last moment, showing each other obscene gestures in the air and showering obscene language on opponents on the air.

Moreover, the Greeks subtly swear in Turkish, and the Turks in Greek. For a better understanding of the block partners, so to speak. These are such “high” relations.

But this time, the “Ukrainian issue” made adjustments to the chronic conflict. On the eve of the next “dancing in the air” Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar stated that “Ankara is committed to maintaining stability in the Black Sea.” And he announced a ban on the presence of warships of all NATO allies there. The minister’s argument was as simple as a gunshot – in order “not to create increased sensitivity in ensuring security.”

A little later, the increased “Turkish sensitivity” was explained by the newspaper “Hurriyet”. According to the military observer of the newspaper, Ankara fears the emergence of “military misunderstandings that may be perceived by the conflicting parties as a provocation.” At the same time, the Turkish side stated that it does not share the US plans to create NATO deployment forces in the Black Sea with the participation of Romania and Bulgaria. This is exactly what the head of the Pentagon called for at a recent summit of European defense ministers. Lloyd Austin.

And if the Bulgarians and Romanians listened with their mouths wide open, then the silent Turks, as it turned out, had their own opinion on this matter. In general, since the Americans tried to arrange a military coup in Turkey, demolish (or dispose of) Erdogan and put an emigrant on the throne GülenAnkara always has a sharply defined opinion of its own in all matters with the Americans.

Naturally, Turkish diplomats tried to furnish the Americans’ message to a well-known address as gallantly as possible. “By acting by means of diplomacy outside the framework of the Montreux Convention, Turkey is trying to keep NATO allies away from the Black Sea through persuasion,” the Turkish Foreign Minister explained the refusal in such a florid manner. Mavlut Cavusoglu. But in fact, Ankara “multiplied by zero” the desire of the alliance to release Mariupol from the sea and wrest the mysterious captives from the underground hell, around whom serious passions are boiling for the third month.

By doing so, the President of Turkey, of course, rendered a huge service Putin. One can endlessly discuss what Erdogan was guided by. Whether they were driven by a feeling of gratitude, or an elementary calculation, or a desire to annoy the Americans. Or maybe all together.

Nevertheless, the Turkish leader showed at least prudence, which neither the Americans nor the Europeans have been lacking in recent times.

The appearance of Americans in the Black Sea in the midst of a special operation in Ukraine could well be an extra step towards the Third World War on the continent. And Turkey would inevitably be drawn into the funnel of this conflict. But on whose side would the Black Sea member of NATO fight? And the matter could not be limited to one “Caliber”.

Judging by the behavior of the Americans, they are not at all averse to unleashing a nuclear war in Europe. And let the British, the French, the Russians, and in general all those who have a combat atom, exchange nuclear strikes. For the sake of such a “holy goal” you can donate part of your fleet. It will become of them. The main thing is that the nuclear ash does not reach the “glowing city on the hill” across the Pacific Ocean. And Russians, Ukrainians, descendants of the Janissaries, “other different Swedes” are not sorry at all. But Turks and Russians live side by side. And they do not want to become nuclear ashes at the will of the Americans. It’s easier for scumbags to block the Black Sea. Which is what Erdogan did. For which special thanks to him.

The Americans, of course, bit the bit.

And Greece’s attack on Turkey did not come out of nowhere. The proud Hellenes clearly received the command “face” from the American master. And indirectly played against Russia. However, this is purely in the style of the Greek multi-vector policy. Unlike the one-vector policy of Erdogan, who never wagged his tail between two masters and followed only his own interests.

According to official information from the Turkish side, now there is not a single ship in the Black Sea “belonging to the naval forces of non-coastal states.” But before, different-sized NATO vessels were regulars here.

“Sleeping Joe” and his team will now put pressure on Erdogan through all channels.

If it caves in, we’ll have a floating crew of sharks and killer whales next to our fleet and theater of operations. And a whole camarilla of underwater saboteurs. If he survives, he will render us an invaluable service.

History has taken a fantastic turn.

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