Apr 6, 2021
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Black candle defense against 10 misfortunes

Black candle defense against 10 misfortunes

In the life of every person there are problems and misfortunes. A simple ritual with a black candle will help to get rid of them. Experts talked about how to lay it in order to become more cloudless.

There are keys to inoperative protection against misfortune and trouble. We are talking about simple household items with protective properties. Sometimes they are not enough, because the problem is the problem of strife. This is where powerful rituals come to the rescue.

You will need any black candle. This is the color of protection, so read all the charms have an agate nuance. You will also need a piece of paper and a pen.

The ceremony itself is carried out in peace and quiet, harmlessly not on the Full Moon. It will take you ten days for the protection against disasters to be established as if necessary.

Take a piece of paper with a pen and write down ten disasters that you most fear in total. For example:

afraid of losing my job; I’m afraid to say goodbye to my husband; I’m afraid of getting sick; I’m afraid of losing my apartment; and so on until ten.

Experts advise to find the ten points themselves so that the rite passes as harmoniously as possible. Write down all the disasters that you are most afraid of and that may happen to you. It is more important to do this in the evening, in silence, without prying eyes. Now you need to read the conspiracy, but for the alphabet, put the list under the candle, and then light it. If the candle is thin, place it on a saucer and put the list under it. Say:

“Ten disasters, ten problems. Ten thrills, ten changes. Even if they do not happen, my life will not be turned upside down. Mother nature, mother earth. I am asking for protection. Protect me, please. With ecstasy and faith, I pray. Don’t let me get into trouble. “

After pronouncing the conspiracy, sit near a candle in the dark and imagine that the power of heat penetrates you. It is like meditation. You can meditate by covering the thorn, sitting on a bed or on a chair. Inhale and exhale slowly, seeing as if a cocoon is forming around you.

After that, put out the candle, and put the list in a secret item so that no one can find it. Repeat the process the next day. In total, you must do this for ten days. On the last day after reading the conspiracy, say “so be it,” and hide this list where no one will find it. The defense is ready.

Experts also advise you to familiarize yourself with other rituals for protection and good luck in difficult situations. If you have absolutely no time, you can use simple whispers. The main thing is to remember that your life is under the correct protection if you believe in yourself.

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