Sep 11, 2022
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Black and green tea: which one is better for drinking?

Black and green tea: which one is better for drinking?

Tea is produced in different countries – Kenya, Japan, Vietnam, Nepal, but most of all tea grows in India and China. We can say that both green and black (in the East it is called red), and some other “types” of tea (for example, oolong – a mixture of black and red, or white tea) initially grow on the same bush. And the main difference is in the collection technique and in the processing of leaves. Not only the variety, but also the beneficial properties of the drink depend on them.

If you do not go into subtleties, the production of different teas can be divided into several main stages. Initially, the tea leaf goes through the withering stage. Before becoming white tea, it is dried. Future green tea after withering is partially dried, then twisted and dried again. The leaf that becomes oolong is rolled immediately after withering, then undergoes partial fermentation and drying. The production of black tea differs from oolong only in that the leaf goes through full fermentation instead of partial fermentation.

tea caffeine

The leaves of this noble drink contain an interesting element of theine, which has an invigorating effect, familiar to us from coffee. However, “tea caffeine” acts on the body in a slightly different way. A surge of strength may not follow as quickly, but it will last much longer: if a charge of coffee lasts for half an hour, a cup of tea is enough for two, or even three. Not to mention the harm to the heart: compared to caffeine, tea acts much more humanely.

Green tea

The difference in processing is that the leaves are dried and subjected to various manipulations (withering, partial drying, etc.) almost immediately after harvest, which stops the fermentation process.

Green tea contains more theine than its black counterpart. In the latter, a significant part of this substance is destroyed due to prolonged fermentation. Therefore, green tea invigorates more than black. At the same time, the drink is able to calm the nerves.

Vitamins and other useful substances are stored in it much more than in black tea. One of the most useful elements is epigallocatechin gallate. Thanks to the presence of this compound, even one cup of green tea can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

It is green tea that has a reputation as a drink of centenarians. Thus, a large-scale study by Japanese scientists, during which the data of 40,000 people were analyzed, showed that five cups of green tea a day reduce the risk of premature death: by 12% in men and by 23% in women.

This noble drink, due to the large amount of bioactive substances, accelerates metabolism, and a large amount of antioxidants slows down aging.

In addition, weakly brewed green tea is better than black tea in quenching thirst.

Black tea

This type of tea is more fermented, making it more unpretentious in brewing. It also tones well. But less often than green tea, it excites the nervous system and provokes insomnia – therefore, doctors advise nervous and excitable people, as well as in the evening, regardless of temperament, to drink black tea.

According to scientists, the benefits of black tea for the lungs cannot be underestimated – numerous studies prove that it can protect them from the harm of tobacco smoke.

Even the use of this drink will have a positive effect on cholesterol levels, and, importantly, reduce the risk of stroke.

As shown by a recent study by scientists from Ohio State University, enzymes, high in black tea, not only help keep bad cholesterol “in line”, but also reduce the absorption of fats in the intestines. That is, they prevent the appearance of extra pounds. And studies by British scientists also proved that fermented black tea is better than non-fermented “varieties” in protecting liver cells, including from fatty hepatosis.

This type of tea contains a large amount of vitamins B and PP, which improve vascular tone, and this makes it useful for people with low blood pressure. But it is undesirable for hypertensive patients to get carried away with a black look, especially a very strong one.

Plus, with regular use, you can normalize the functioning of the kidneys and stomach. However, you should not get carried away with the consumption of black tea, especially on an empty stomach – there will be the opposite effect.

It is better not to brew tea more than three times. And also do not use tea leaves that cost more than five hours.

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