Feb 22, 2021
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Birthday ceremonies for protection, fulfillment of lust and health

Birthday ceremonies for protection, fulfillment of lust and health

Birthday is an energetically big day, during which everyone can attract the necessary benefits to life and protect themselves from any troubles. Proven rituals will help you accomplish what you want in a short time.

Rituals laid out on the day, and even more importantly – at the hour of birth, help to fulfill cherished dreams and protect themselves from adversity. Experts recommend resorting to proven rituals in order to attract health into your life, to gain protection from both evil people, so much from uninvited troubles, and also to fulfill a cherished desire.

It is more important to lay the ritual than the total at the hour of birth, but if the exact times are unknown, then it is worth timing the ritual at midnight. This will require the following things:

white-boiled candle; clean tablecloth; personal photo; a branch of a juniper; white envelope; saucer.

On the table, covered with a fresh tablecloth, they put a saucer with a sprig of juniper, place their photo next to it and light a candle. A juniper is lit above the candle so that it smolders, and then they lead in front of the card, pronouncing the words of the conspiracy:

“Illnesses will not stick to me, all illnesses will stretch out in smoke. I improve my health, I gain strength on my birthday. As if they were born impeccable, so much will my strength increase, not a single ailment will remain. As if the juniper is smoldering, so all troubles go away, as if the candle is melting, they don’t give me any problems ”.

A couple of needles are left and dripped with candle wax. As if it will cool down, the needles, along with the photograph, are placed in an envelope and sealed with candle wax. The envelope is hidden in a secluded place so that no one can find it.

To protect yourself from the intrigues of ill-wishers and prevent troubles will come out if you create a large amulet on your birthday. He is charged with his energy in order to be protected every day and happily avoid unwanted meetings and events. You can use any little thing that inspires confidence. It can be a piece of jewelry, a keychain, a cloudless pen, or some other small item. For the ceremony you will also need:

cornflower blue or purple candle; spring water; saucer; black fabric; a bunch of dry grass.

A candle is lit by placing an upcoming amulet next to it, a bunch of grass is placed on a saucer. Peering into the flame of a candle, they read the conspiracy:

“I shift my troubles onto a bunch of grass, rive the attention of my enemies to them. Dust in my eyes, I cover myself with smoke.

After that, the grass is set on fire from the candle, and as soon as it flares up, they cover it with a piece of black cloth. They lead an amulet over the smoke, saying:

“I create an amulet to divert my eyes, I hide from troubles, I hide from ill-wishers.”

After that, the amulet is sprinkled with water, saying:

“It’s as if the water is flowing off a duck, does no harm, so troubles will turn away from me, cruel thoughts will not touch me”.

At night, the amulet is placed under the pillow, and then carried with them to protect themselves from any troubles and troubles.

To make a dream come true will come out if the lust is sincere and truly stately. On their birthday, they clearly formulate their dream in order to get exactly what they need, write it down on a piece of paper so as not to forget it, and put it on the table. A thin candle is placed near it, wrapped around it with gold or canary thread.

After that, you need to knead a drop of dough to make a piece of baking or cake. While kneading the dough, they say lust out loud or to themselves. After the baking is cooked, they put it near with a lit candle and read the plot:

“The flame ignites, the threads are burned. Fire destroys all obstacles, leads me to desire, clears the way, knows no defeat. As if all the threads would burn out, so will my wish come true, it will not get lost. “

As if the whole candle would burn out, they eat the baked goods, uttering out loud their lust as if it had already come true.

On a birthday, you can hold not only ceremonies, but also fortune telling for the future. Bioenergy experts note that in times like these, you can find out everything about your future future, read your destiny and do everything to bring the necessary changes into your life.

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