Apr 24, 2022
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Birth control pills

Birth control pills

Birth control pills are modern contraceptive drugs. These drugs in 98% prevent the onset of pregnancy. The effectiveness of these drugs is achieved due to the fact that they contain synthetic hormones.

Birth control pills inhibit ovulation. In addition, due to the effect of tablets on the structure of the cervical canal and the mucous membrane of the uterus, conception is prevented. But these changes are reversible and after the drug is discontinued, the reproductive system is restored completely.

In addition to the contraceptive properties, there are pleasant “side” effects: the condition of the hair improves, the skin becomes more elastic, excessive hair growth disappears, and the menstrual cycle normalizes. You should not buy contraceptives on your own, these drugs can only be prescribed by a gynecologist and only after a thorough examination.

In addition, tablets can also be prescribed for the treatment of certain diseases associated with gynecology. Hormonal contraception is widely used in many countries due to its ease of use and effectiveness. Today, there are many types of contraceptives.

Hormonal contraceptives not only prevent pregnancy, but also slow down the development of osteoporosis, protect against iron deficiency anemia, regulate the menstrual cycle, are a good prevention of ectopic pregnancy, and help in the treatment of certain skin diseases.

But, in addition to the positive effect, hormonal drugs also have negative effects:

– if you have cholelithiasis, tablets can cause attacks of biliary colic;
– contraceptive pills cause an increase in pressure;
– the first month while taking hormonal drugs, an increase in body weight is possible;
– sometimes in the process of taking pills, a woman has age spots;
– possible nausea and even vomiting;
If the doctor chooses the right contraceptive, then the risk of side effects will be minimal. The most popular contraceptives are: Yarina, Janine, Diana 35, Logest. Yarina and Jeannine are more “light” drugs and they are prescribed mainly to young girls. Older women are prescribed Diana 35 and Logest. The contraceptive Diana 35 is also prescribed if a woman has skin problems, as well as hirsutism.

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