Jun 28, 2021
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Biologist Panchin explains the incidence of COVID-19 among vaccinated in the UK

On his Facebook page, Panchin recalled that not everyone is vaccinated in all countries, as is the case, for example, in Russia. In the UK, people at risk are primarily vaccinated. For example, the United Kingdom has now completed the first phase of its vaccination campaign, in which people over 50 years of age, residents and nursing home staff, healthcare workers, clinically vulnerable patients and people with poor health conditions, and those who care for them received the vaccine.

“These groups accounted for 99% of coronavirus deaths in the UK. For some reason, the figures disseminated by opponents of vaccinations do not take this fact into account. As a result, they compare the incomparable: healthy young people and sick people, old people plus sick old people, ”the expert explained.

These groups now account for fewer vaccine deaths, while overall deaths have dropped significantly. According to the mortality chart in the UK, which Panchin published on his page, if in January 2021 the number of deaths from COVID-19 exceeded 1.5 thousand daily, then in June this figure dropped to 100-120 people per day.

“During the second phase (ongoing) until the end of July, healthy people of ordinary categories will also receive the first dose of the vaccine. Of course, some of the second category also received the vaccine, but most of those vaccinated are still from the first category. But most of the unvaccinated are just from the second, ”said Alexander Panchin.

The biologist’s words confirm data published by Business Insider, citing health authorities in the UK: on June 21, there were 92,029 cases of infection with the delta variant and 117 deaths. In the age group under 50, eight deaths are associated with infection with this variant, and none of them was fully vaccinated, two managed to receive only one dose of the vaccine. All other deceased patients are people significantly over 50 years of age.

Alexander Panchin also “walked” through the myth that the coronavirus vaccine can cause an antibody-dependent intensification of the infection (ASUI), which can provoke a more severe course of the disease.

“There is no evidence of this. 2.8 billion doses of vaccines have already been used in the world, there are a bunch of their varieties that have undergone clinical studies. And in no study has anyone yet seen an antibody-dependent increase in infection. Everything is exactly the opposite: if vaccinated, if they get sick, they can more easily tolerate coronavirus infection, ”the biologist emphasized.

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