Jul 31, 2020
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Bill Gates Leads the Builders of a Cashless Paradise

The construction of the world electronic concentration camp continues

The so-called COVID-19 pandemic that began last winter made the American billionaire Bill Gates the man of the year. His achievements and plans in the field of universal vaccination and digital identification of mankind floated out.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, created in 2000, is considered the largest charitable foundation in the United States with assets of $ 50.7 billion. Over the 20 years of its existence, the foundation has spent $ 54 billion on various charitable projects. Most of these projects are aimed at building a “brave new the world ". Thanks to vaccines developed with the participation of the Gates Foundation, the population of the future society should be drastically reduced. The rest will be in an electronic concentration camp.

Bill Gates' contribution to the creation of the future is expressed in the fact that his foundation is engaged in solving the problem of digital identification of people. In 2017, Gates created the ID2020 partnership, in which the UN and its specialized bodies, NGOs, business structures participate (Microsoft, Accenture, Cisco Systems, Pricewaterhouse Coopers)... The task is to carry out a complete digital identification of the world's population by 2030. From the docs ID2020 you learn that the program places a special emphasis on digital fixation of a person at birth (in maternity hospitals) and during mass vaccinations during pandemics.

There is one more area of ​​activity of the Bill Gates Foundation, which is rarely mentioned. The Fund actively participates in campaigns to oust cash from circulation. After all, as long as cash exists, holes remain in the construction of an electronic concentration camp through which the "campers" can escape. Cash hoarding and cash transactions can elude Big Brother's eyes. If all money becomes non-cash, control over people will be complete. And those concentration camp inhabitants who will not live and think as Big Brother needs can be cut off from non-cash money with obvious consequences for such "dissidents".

In 2012, the Bill Gates Foundation initiated the creation of the BTCA partnership - Better than Cash Alliance... The mission stated by this alliance is "Accelerating the transition from cash to digital payments around the world"... The headquarters of the alliance is located not just anywhere, but in the building of the UN Secretariat in New York, on the 26th floor of the famous tower. The alliance's executive director is a lady from Australia Ruth Goodwin-Groen... The partners in the alliance are very solid, today there are 75 of them.

First, these are international intergovernmental organizations: the United Nations Fund for Capital Development (United Nations Capital Development Fund - UNCDF); United Nations Development Program (United Nations Development Program - UNDP); United Nations Population Fund (United Nations Population Fund - UNFPA); UN Secretariat (United Nations Secretariat); World food program (World Food Program) and a number of others.

Second, international financial institutions: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development); Inter-American Development Bank (Inter-American Development Bank)... The same group could include the World Institute for Savings and Retail Banking. (World Savings Banks Institute)which is an international banking association. It unites 109 members in 92 countries of the world, including about 7,000 savings and retail banks with a network of 209,000 branches and branches around the world.

Third, international non-governmental organizations. Most are based in the United States, usually in Washington or New York: The Clinton Development Initiatives (Clinton Development Initiative); World Women's Bank (World Women's Bank); Catholic help service (Catholic help service) etc.

Fourth, private companies: Gap inc. (USA); Grupo Bimbo (Mexico); H&M (Sweden); Inditex (Spain); Marks & Spencer (UK); Mastercard (USA); Visa (USA); The Coca-Cola Company (USA); Unilever (UK). Here is the World Cocoa Foundation - an alliance of about a hundred companies, including such large producers as Nestlé and Mars, Inc.

Fifth, governments: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Fiji, Jordan, Kenya, India, Liberia, Malawi, Mexico, Moldova, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda , Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uruguay, Vietnam. Only 25 states. Each year the list of member states grows with new ones. In the above list, all countries are developing, but the United States, represented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is invisibly present in BTCA.

In 2018, a book by the famous German economist and journalist Norbert Hering "Marvelous New Money" (a roll-call with Aldous Huxley's dystopia "Brave New World") was published. The book reveals the role of the BTCA alliance in organizing campaigns against cash at the level of the UN, other international organizations, and individual states. The main engine of the campaign is the Bill Gates Foundation. The alliance directs its efforts to the third world countries. It is easier to organize a “cashless paradise” there than in the countries of the “rich north”. In economically developed countries, there is a banking infrastructure that has been developing over many decades and even centuries, focused on working with cash. Many developing countries, especially the poorest, lack such infrastructure. There, you can quickly and inexpensively establish a cashless money circulation system by distributing mobile phones to the natives and teaching them to use special applications for making money payments. The West is generally more conservative and wary of the idea of ​​creating a cashless paradise. In Europe, for example, Germans are very attached to cash banknotes. The same Norbert Hering filed a lawsuit challenging the rules of the German authorities, according to which payments of citizens of the country to government institutions, including taxes, can only be made using non-cash money.

BTCA's sinister plans in 2015 by Seth Mason (Seth Mason) wrote an article in which he convincingly showed that this alliance is building a society in the spirit of George Orwell's dystopia "1984". He compares the organizers of the alliance with the conspirators who gathered in the distant 1910 on Jekyll Island in Georgia. This story is detailed in many books. Then a group of influential bankers at a secret meeting discussed plans to create a Central Bank in the United States. A little over three years later, it appeared under the name of the US Federal Reserve System. It was a real revolutionary coup that made the American people slaves to a small handful of bankers - US Federal Reserve shareholders. Conceived by Bill Gates and his accomplices in founding the BTCA alliance will have equally tragic consequences. And not only for America, but for the whole world: “Their real plan is financial suppression and government surveillance ... A number of financial organizations, including Citibank, visa and Mastercard, strongly support BTCA for obvious reasons. In a cashless world, these organizations will not only make a profit at the beginning by selling electronic payment devices and charging fees for each transaction, but also at the end, forcing each and every one to deposit earnings and money into their bins. "

And here is a 2016 publication, the author's name is Don Quijones, a Spanish journalist and writer. The article is called Why Billionaire Philanthropist Bill Gates Is Crazy About Cash Cancellation In India... Describes India's monetary reform in November 2016. Few people know that Bill Gates was one of her inspirations. The essence of the reform is as follows: Prime Minister Modi decided to withdraw from circulation banknotes of 500 and 1000 rupees (roughly corresponding to 500 and 1000 rubles), which accounted for almost 90% of the cash money supply. It was decided to do it with lightning speed, in a few hours. The Prime Minister wanted to overcome the shadow economy and force all citizens to switch to non-cash money and non-cash payments. This action created financial and economic chaos in the country. Consumption has dropped significantly. In a province dominated by small businesses that run primarily with cash, the economy has stalled. And as if by accident, on the eve of the reform, Bill Gates found himself in India, where he held meetings with high-ranking officials. The author of the article believes that Gates taught them how to reform. When the blitz operation was completed, the American billionaire hastened to express his satisfaction: "The whole world will give up cash, but it is very difficult to predict the exact time of these events for any particular country ... All the pieces come together ... I think that in a few years India will become the most digital economy ..." - he said to the Indian prime minister. And after the reform of 2016, the Central Bank and commercial banks of India began to actively "digitize" many of their operations, in connection with which they needed the help of the company Microsoft (originally also the exclusive brainchild of Bill Gates).

As for the BTCA alliance, Don Quijones gives it the following description: “The list of BTCA members reads like“ Who's Who ”of the most powerful corporations and institutions in the world. These include Coca Cola, Visa and Mastercard, the Citi Bank Foundation, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the World Savings Banks Institute representing 7,000 retail and savings banks worldwide, the Ford Foundation, the Clinton Development Initiative, and the astonishing alphabetical soup from organizations within the UN ... BTCA member states are of the greatest importance, as they will ultimately shape or even circumvent laws and traditional practices in their countries in order to “accelerate the transition from cash to electronic payments”. At the moment, BTCA members are 18 governments, all of which represent developing countries, that is, the most important laboratory for testing the cashless economy ",

Bill Gates and other fighters for a "bright cashless future" see Third World countries as a testing ground; having worked out the appropriate technologies on it, they will begin to finish off the countries of the "rich north".

BTCA Alliance Works closely with the G20 Global Financial Inclusion Partnership (G20 Global Financial Inclusion Partnership, GPFI)... This is a platform where G20 representatives meet to discuss financial issues. The next summit will be held in the fall of 2020 G20 in Riyadh. Digital currencies will be one of the key issues in Riyadh. The BTCA alliance, through the GPFI, influences the preparation of the agenda and decisions of the summit. The construction of the world electronic concentration camp continues.

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