Nov 19, 2021
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Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, or the Global Health Project

Effective business of a charitable foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) Is a private charitable foundation founded in 2000 by billionaire Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. There is also a third figure who manages the Fund – billionaire Warren Buffett, he is considered the richest man in America. Experts believe that Buffett’s contribution to the Foundation exceeds even that of Gates.

At the end of 2020, the fund’s assets were close to $ 52 billion. It is the largest charitable foundation in the United States. He left behind such well-known brands of American philanthropy as the Rockefeller Foundation (about $ 5 billion), the Ford Foundation ($ 15 billion), the George Soros Open Society Foundation ($ 4 billion), and others.

Since its inception, the Gates Foundation has declared the priorities of its charitable activities: medicine and health care, education, the fight against poverty and hunger in the world. A special feature of the fund is that it applies business methods to donations. Thanks to Bill Gates, the concept of “venture philanthropy” emerged. Here is a flashy substitution of meanings: the word “philanthropy” hides the concepts of “venture financing”, “venture business”, “venture development”. The money is directed to highly risky projects that can bring large profits, as well as acting as “wallets” for government departments, when it is necessary to pay for operations that are inconvenient to finance through the federal budget.

The Foundation’s net grants for 2020 totaled $ 6.12 billion. Within the framework of six priority areas of the Fund’s activities, the following grant amounts (million dollars) were issued:

1) Global development (global development) – 1.893; 2) Global health (global health) – 1.792; 3) USA program (United States program) – 642; 4) Global growth and opportunities (global growth and opportunities) – 620; 5) Global politics and advocacy (global politics and protection) – 523; 6) Gender equality (gender equality) – 94.

As you can see, the first two directions accounted for more than 63% of the total value of all the Foundation’s grants over the past year. I will name the permanent main recipients of the Fund’s philanthropic assistance:

1) GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccinations); 2) World health organization (World Health Organization); 3) The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria); 4) PATH – Appropriate Health Technology Program (Health Technology Development Program); 5) USA Foundation for UNICEF (United States Fund for UNICEF Support); 6) Rotary Rotary International Foundation (Rotary International Foundation Rotary International); 7) International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development – IBRD); eight) Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (Global Alliance for the Development of Medicines to Fight Tuberculosis); nine) MMV – Malaria Medicines Venture (Public-Private Partnership for the Development of Medicines to Fight Malaria); ten) Johns Hopkins University (Johns Hopkins University).

Within the framework of almost all six priority areas of the Fund’s activities, projects related to medical topics were in the foreground. And more specifically – with the “Covid-19 pandemic”. Even more specifically – with the topic of vaccination. The Gates Foundation is somehow connected with all the key institutions that plan and organize the fight against the “pandemic”. First of all, with the WHO. In the WHO budget for 2020-2021. (as in previous years) The Gates Foundation is the largest donor among additional (non-governmental) funding sources (10.47%). In second place among additional sources is GAVI Alliance – 5.76%. This is the brainchild of Bill Gates, which is completely controlled by him. The Gates Foundation and GAVI – a single whole. This block accounts for more than 16% of all cash infusions into WHO. The voice of the representative of this block is decisive in determining the priorities of WHO’s activities.

UNICEF should be noted among the organizations supported by the Gates Foundation. (UNICEF – United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) – United Nations Children’s Fund. Bill Gates is interested in this organization, first of all, as a channel through which companies Greater Parma can go to the countries of the “poor South” with their drugs for vaccination of children.

Surprisingly, the Gates Foundation acts as a benefactor even to the World Bank. And given that the World Bank last year completely redesigned itself to fight the “pandemic”, we can confidently say that donations from the Gates Foundation to the World Bank are directed to the promotion of vaccines against covid in the countries of the “poor South”.

The Gates Foundation has a very close but under-publicized relationship with an international non-governmental organization. Rotary International… This is a network of Rotary Clubs created in dozens of countries around the world; the clubs are characterized by great secrecy and, according to experts, have signs of Masonic lodges. Rotary International is also showing an increased interest in medical topics and in the WHO budget for 2020-2921. ranks fourth in the list of additional sources of funding (after the Gates Foundation, GAVI Alliance and the World Bank).

The Foundation’s activities in the field of medicine and health are focused on the topic of vaccines and vaccinations. First, on the development of drugs against the “Wuhan virus”. Secondly, on their advancement to the countries of the “poor South”. Thus, the Foundation has a close relationship with Oxford University as a vaccine developer. AstraZeneca and an Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, the manufacturer of the drug of the same name. As the magazine reported last year Nation, “Gates had leverage over the university … because the Foundation is one of the founders and largest sponsors of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, which in turn funds the University of Oxford vaccine development (worth about 384 million dollars) “

And the most piquant thing is that the Gates Charitable Foundation is an effective business structure. After all, the annual distribution of grants is carried out at the expense of the profit received, and the profit is very significant. At the end of 2020, the amount of grants issued amounted to $ 6.1 billion. The Fund’s assets at the end of the year were equal to nearly $ 52 billion. The increase in assets for the year was $ 0.9 billion. Thus, the Fund’s profit as the amount of grants issued and the growth in assets amounted to $ 7 billion. The return on assets of the Gates Foundation at the end of the year, according to my estimates, reached 13.7%. Many companies and banks can envy such a financial result.

And everything is very simple: the Fund thrives on operations (mostly speculative) in the financial markets. At the end of the first quarter of 2021, 45.23% of the portfolio of the Gates Fund was accounted for by shares of an investment holding Berkshire hathawayrun by Warren Buffett. The holding’s shares rose more than 21% in the first quarter of this year and more than 38% on an annual basis. We say “The Gates Foundation” – we mean Berkshire hathaway; we are talking Berkshire hathaway – we mean the “Gates Foundation”. The fund and the holding mutually serve each other.

Many facts indicate that the main direction of the Fund’s investment are companies Big Pharma… The fund makes such investments both directly and through the holding Berkshire hathaway

Interesting details regarding the Fund’s investments in the pharmaceutical industry can be found in the article While the poor get sick, Bill Gates gets richer (While the poor get sick, Bill Gates gets richer), featured in the magazine Nation… In particular, it became known that the Gates Foundation has entered into a framework agreement with Moderna on a “global health project.” The agreement stipulates that the Foundation will spend $ 100 million on licensing the project in exchange for receiving “Certain non-exclusive licenses” from Modern… The details of the agreement were not disclosed.

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