Nov 20, 2022
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Big Satan does not sleep

On November 15-16, the situation in Iran escalated. On the third anniversary of the mass demonstrations in 2019, social media called for people to take to the streets. The main events unfolded on November 16, when more than a dozen people were killed in several cities, including law enforcement officers. By November 20, something similar began to happen in Iranian Western Azerbaijan, where protests turned into armed clashes between local residents and security forces.

Shortly before that, in early November, the Saudis had given the Americans intelligence about Tehran’s “imminent attack” on targets in the kingdom. A couple of days later, Biden reported that “liberate Iran“. Speaking in California, the American president suddenly paused and said:Don’t worry we’re going liberate Iran“. Then he quickly added:They themselves will free themselves very soon“.

Apparently, the United States has begun to create an artificial threat from Iran in the media space in order to: a) provide victim of war Israel for its own “special operation” against Iran; b) block Iran’s military-technical cooperation with Russia.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi immediately replied to Biden that Iran was liberated 43 years ago. And the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) released a propaganda video showing multiple UAVs attacking oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. To demonstrate the seriousness of Tehran in Iran, a red banner of retribution was raised over the dome of the Jamkaran mosque.

For Israel, Iranian television broadcasts military exercises, such as those held on October 20 along the Araks River, with comments along the lines of: “O Israel! Open your eyes. This is the Iranian army. We’ll get through Araxes“. Since Azerbaijan is on the other side of the Araks, the IRGC explained in mid-September: “A serious war that could happen in the Caucasus is a war directed against Iran. But we are ready!»

Simultaneously, the IRGC units continue the massive transfer of their military equipment to the border with Azerbaijan – in a region that is populated to a large extent by ethnic Azerbaijanis and Turks.

According to IRNA news agency, Azerbaijan “deployed a large number of Israeli intelligence officers in Baku, trying to create a corridor to its Nakhichevan exclave through the Armenian territories bordering Iran, which Iran opposes…”.

Earlier, Tehran has already accused Israel, the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia of organizing protests in the country. Protests broke out in different cities of Iran in early May. Mostly in the southwestern part of the country, where the main oil and gas facilities are located. The rallies, which began because of the food crisis and the threat of famine, quickly turned into anti-government demonstrations demanding the overthrow of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Ibrahim Raisi. The main activists were supporters of Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi and members of the left-wing radical People’s Organization of the Mujahideen of Islam.

In Iran itself, the swaying of the internal political situation has been going on since at least the spring. By November, the protests had become smaller, but more violent. Opposition militants kill police officers, IRGC officers, throw stones at patrol cars with police, filming it on video.

Added to Iran’s internal problems is the growing risk of an armed confrontation with Israel. Because of it, the Shahid Rudaki Iranian Navy floating base, which houses reconnaissance and strike UAVs, as well as ballistic missile launchers capable of hitting targets in Israel, was moved to the Red Sea.

Anything can become the reason for the development of internal instability into a military confrontation: protests, the threat of starvation, even contract killings, such as the liquidation (05/22/2022) of a high-ranking officer of the Quds Force special forces of the IRGC. According to the official version, his murder was committed by members of a terrorist organization supervised by the Mossad. The Iranian leadership said that this event is the crossing of the “red line”, which will be followed by “imminent retribution.”

The Israeli authorities have ordered all embassies to be put on terrorist alert. In May, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Iran was “weeks away” from obtaining the material needed to build a nuclear weapon, noting that the development of Iranian ballistic missiles, UAVs and other military technologies had already reached the point where an “immediate response” was needed. “.

From May 29 to June 29, Israel held a large-scale month-long exercise “Crossing the Horizon”, during which a war with Iran was simulated and a scenario of air strikes against Iranian nuclear and military facilities was worked out.

It should be noted that the main phase of tension in relations between Tel Aviv and Tehran began after Iran increased the level of uranium enrichment in the Netenz laboratory.

The stakes are high right now. There is a very small step before the fatal scenario for Iran, prophesied by Biden on November 4, and Big Satan is not asleep, he is preparing forces for a strike. I will give just a few typical examples.

… The son of Iranian Foreign Minister Mahdi Zarif lives in New York and works for telecom giant Verizon. The son of Daoud Danesh Jafari, Minister of Economy and Deputy Chairman of the National Security Council for Economic Affairs, Erfan Danesh lives overseas and works for the US Federal Reserve! The son of the commander of the IRGC, Hossein Salami, Amir, also lives in America cursed by the ayatollahs. The daughter of Ali Larijani – Brigadier General of the IRGC, Minister of Culture and Islamic Orientation of Iran, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Speaker of the Majlis – Fatima Ardeshir Larijani has a medical business and practice in Cleveland (Ohio). The son of Iranian Deputy President for Family and Women Maasuma Ibtikar studies and lives in the United States: at the same time, the mother who sent him there is at the origins of Iran’s opposition to the Big Satan: forty years ago she was among those who attacked and held hostages at the US Embassy in Tehran…

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