Mar 29, 2021
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Big nurse. How artificial intelligence can help improve health

In 3-4 years, the artificial intelligence system will personally assess human health and make recommendations for improving it, he said. Head of the Health Heuristics project of the HealthNet market of the National Technology Initiative David Chichua

What will the system look like?

Artificial intelligence will assess the health of a particular person based on the data provided to him. These will be personal digital profiles of a person’s quality of life. Profiles will be formed using data collection – from wearable devices, the Internet of Things, text analysis on the Internet and questionnaires.

For quick access to the system, applications will be created, with the help of which users will be able to assess the status of their profile at any time, update information about themselves and receive up-to-date recommendations.

Through the application, the system will issue personal recommendations to improve the quality of his life. Such a system will appear in 2024-2025, according to the developers’ plan. It will be international, accessible to residents of different countries of the world.

What is an Individual Health Assessment?

Each person has an individual set of a huge number of factors on which his health depends. This is the environment, bad and good habits, the state of the body, genetics. For example, you smoke, live in the Southern Administrative District of Moscow, there is a park next to you, you do Pilates and yoga twice a week, your profession implies “sedentary work” and you overwork often, you have a second blood group and high blood pressure, you eat meat and dairy products frequently, and genetically you have type 2 diabetes.

The artificial intelligence-based system will recognize the profiles of people and find negative factors in them. She will then create personalized recommendations to improve your profile, and therefore your health.

What are the plans?

By changing individual indicators in a person’s data based on its recommendations, the system will build a future profile, showing in which direction the user’s quality will develop. For example, it will show you what the result will be a daily run of 5 km or quitting smoking.

For the convenience of users, it is planned to create elements of gamification and bonuses in the application.For example, for following certain recommendations – walking and burning calories – the user will receive bonuses that can be exchanged for useful goods and services. Among the project partners will be medical and sports institutions, insurance and other companies.

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