Oct 20, 2021
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Big belly: what foods provoke the formation of fat around the waist

Big belly: what foods provoke the formation of fat around the waist

What foods provoke the formation of fat around the waist

Every woman wants to have a slender figure and thin waist. But sometimes the fair sex and eat right, and follow diets, and adhere to the daily regimen, and the hated fat from the belly does not go anywhere. But what if you try to cope with this nuisance by eliminating certain foods from the diet?

Flour and confectionery

These are the main enemies of a flat tummy! All foods containing a large amount of flour inevitably entail the formation of a nasty “fat”! These include both bread and any bakery products, as well as buns or buns, as well as mouth-watering pies with cakes.

Sweet pastries are literally replete with fast-breaking simple carbohydrates – as a result of their ingestion, the feeling of satiety quickly leaves a person, and he again and again reaches out for another cake. And the breakdown products of simple carbohydrates are invariably deposited on his waist in the form of fat. Baked goods, ice cream, sweet biscuits, cakes and cakes generously flavored with butter cream, as well as chocolate and a wide variety of jams or preserves are especially active in the formation of belly fat.


For the sake of gaining a flat stomach, it will not hurt to give up sugar, as well as those products in which it is contained in very substantial quantities. By the way, these include store-bought packaged juices.

If you can’t completely abandon sweets, you can try to replace sugar with honey – consumed in reasonable quantities, this natural product will be completely harmless to the figure.


The amount of salt in the body should also not be too large – salt is endowed with the ability to retain water, which in turn can provoke the appearance of unsightly edema.


It is allowed to be consumed only in boiled form, while, ideally, the tubers should be from a freshly harvested crop. As for the fried potatoes loved by many, it will not only in no way contribute to weight loss (moreover, the waist will only increase under the influence of potato starch), but it will not bring absolutely any benefit to the body.

White milled rice and semolina

The starch, which is part of such rice, is far from the best effect on the figure. Of course, you should not completely exclude white rice from the diet, but it is also better not to eat it more than twice a week. But brown rice can be eaten as much as you want.

As for semolina, it also needs to be included in the list of prohibited foods, otherwise belly fat will not only not go away, but will also begin to arrive.

Grapes and bananas

Paradoxically, these fruits can also provoke an increase in fatty deposits on the abdomen, so do not get too carried away with them.

Instant porridge and muesli

It is also better to refuse these products, since they are rich in simple carbohydrates, besides, after eating them, the feeling of hunger returns rather quickly.

Meat broths and fatty meats

Relying on rich meat broths is far from the best idea, because they contain a lot of cholesterol. Yes, and fatty meat in the diet of everyone who wants to find a flat tummy is also not the place.

Mayonnaise, sausages, smoked meats and canned food

Mayonnaise and all kinds of sausages, smoked fish, sprats and a wide variety of canned fish actively prevent getting rid of belly fat. These foods contain a truly incredible amount of fat and do not benefit the body.

Fast food

In addition to the fact that fast food is very high in calories, it is also capable of inhibiting metabolic processes occurring in the body, because it contains a great variety of various artificial additives. And where the metabolism is slowed down, food is absorbed extremely unimportantly, as a result of which there is no need to talk about losing weight.

What else is worth giving up?

Those who really want to get rid of belly fat should not only adjust their diet, but also completely give up alcohol and cigarettes.

Beer has an especially detrimental effect on the appearance of the belly – it’s not for nothing that there is a stable expression among the people “beer belly”. In order to change the entire wardrobe for things the size of which exceeds the usual size by two or even three values, it is enough to indulge yourself with beer every day for six months.

However, all other alcoholic beverages also affect the appearance of belly fat – this is due to their ability to slow down metabolic processes in the body.

What products should you pay attention to?

Despite the fact that a beautiful and flat tummy requires the abandonment of a number of tasty, but completely unhealthy products, there are quite a lot of equally tasty delicacies that you can safely indulge in. These are vegetables (pumpkin, turnips, tomatoes with cucumbers, as well as carrots and beets), fruits (tangerines, lemons, melons, plums, watermelons, apples, peaches, grapefruits and oranges) and berries (strawberries with raspberries and cranberries with blueberries). All these gifts of nature can boast of an impressive content of fiber, which is not digested by the body and in every possible way contributes to its early cleansing from toxins accumulating in it. And how good and healthy are fresh vegetable and fruit salads, just beyond words!

It is better to eat more often, but little by little. Foods such as fish, eggs, lean meat and cottage cheese will also be an excellent help in the diet – ideally, they should be combined with vegetables or fruits.

And the best breakfast will be porridge – buckwheat, millet, pearl barley or oatmeal. It is especially good to cook them in a double boiler. For lunch, you can eat a portion of delicious vegetable soup and a piece of boiled meat or fish.

As for dinner, it is better to replace it with a light vegetable salad.

It will not hurt to drink and a sufficient amount of water – with its help, you can significantly improve the metabolism. In addition, you can safely indulge in mineral water, compotes, fruit drinks and natural juices.

How to replace “harmful” products?

In order to reduce the energy value of your favorite foods, it is enough to replace forbidden foods with lower-calorie options. For example, instead of French fries, you can make delicious mashed potatoes or just boil the tubers, salads can be seasoned with vegetable oil, not mayonnaise, and equally delicious breads will become an excellent alternative to bread.

Fatty pork dishes can be easily replaced with lean veal or beef dishes, as well as poultry and rabbit meat. In this case, offal (heart, tongue or liver) will also be an excellent option – they have much fewer calories than any meat, and the benefits of such products are much more tangible. As for the cooking method, any meat dishes are best stewed or boiled.

If you want to enjoy sweet cookies or cakes, you can eat a loaf of raisins and dried fruits, and sometimes you can afford a small amount of cornflakes.

Why is belly fat dangerous?

The popular phrase “Thinner waist – longer life” has a very good reason, since fat in the waist area is not only an aesthetic flaw, but also poses a real threat to the quality of life and its duration. Moreover, this threat has been repeatedly confirmed by numerous studies, both foreign and domestic.

The less fat on the belly, the more likely a person is to never face such dangerous conditions as cancer, liver disease, diabetes, asthma, heart attack or stroke. And difficulties with conceiving a child in this case will also be unlikely.

Visceral (that is, internal) fat is not an inert mass – it is a truly incredible number of metabolically active cells that constantly produce all kinds of chemicals and about thirty types of hormones. Moreover, most of them can adversely affect the state of the intestines, blood vessels, heart and liver.

Visceral obesity is accompanied by a whole range of problems, often called metabolic syndrome. In fact, fat in this case becomes an integral part of the endocrine system, leading to disturbances in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, while the sensitivity of tissues to insulin decreases sharply.

Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of visceral fat either with the help of wraps, or with the help of all kinds of spa treatments, or with the help of massage. That is why it is much easier to prevent its appearance than to try to get rid of it later. However, do not despair if belly fat has already appeared – it is very sensitive to aerobic physical activity and to changes in diet (especially to changes in its calorie content and quality). This means that you should revise your diet as soon as possible!

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