Jun 18, 2022
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Biden’s “Victory” – Botox ends in Russian private clinics

Pictured: US President Joe Biden

Pictured: US President Joe Biden (Photo: AP/TASS)

Joe Biden and his team did poorly in school. They don’t know what a boomerang is. If you launch economic sanctions against Russia, they will hit the American economy itself. Moreover, they threaten to bring down the rating of the ruling Democratic Party of Biden, and to throw him out of his chair …

Western sanctions have affected many everyday aspects of life in Russia, but on the whole have been ineffective. The sanctions did not have any effect on the Russian political and economic elite. The economic observer writes about it Philip Inman on the pages of the influential publication The Guardian.

The impact on the elite, which the West initially targeted, turned out to be truly anecdotal – Botox is running out in elite Russian clinics.

A big problem.

The beauty industry is just a small cog in a huge mechanism, which was aimed at by the NATO countries, which hastily severed financial and trade ties with Russia. However, the fall was not at all “destructive”, as the old man Joe Biden tried to convince everyone. Even the OECD predicts a contraction of no more than 10% this year and only 4% in 2023. And in two years the recession will be replaced by a moderate recovery growth.

The sanctions did not stop the Russian offensive in Ukraine, which the NATO generals naively counted on. Now politicians and diplomats are trading like gypsies on market day: say, the British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has already stated that, they say, her country can lift the sanctions if Russia commits itself to a complete ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops.

And, curiously, it was not the political sanctions of the NATO countries that turned out to be more painful for Russia, but the so-called “self-sanctions” of large companies, The Guardian quotes an expert on Russia from the analytical center Chatham House Tim Ash. Companies such as McDonald’s or Coca-Cola, which are associated with the American way of life.

At the beginning of the Ukrainian sting operation, some experts believed that Moscow would find allies to circumvent the most damaging of the sanctions. However, Western politicians did not heed the voice of sober thinking.

After Russia was partially excluded from the SWIFT international payment network, it turned out that China was ready to lend a shoulder. Interbank cooperation with other countries included in the top 20 largest economies of the planet has intensified – in addition to China, these are also India, Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia …

Lord Skidelsky: Sanctions should not replace diplomacy!

Many large countries continue to buy Russian oil, rejected by Europe. Purchases of Russian fertilizers, grains, metals – in general, all key export products continue.

Initially, there were problems with the supply of high-tech equipment and complex components needed to launch IT systems in large Russian cities. After all, all of them previously came directly from countries that strongly support the sanctions regime. However, now there are already ways of importing around the sanctions. This may force Russian companies to limit the volume of their products. But gradually stimulates import substitution.

Critics of sanctions tend to believe that sanctions detract from diplomatic peace efforts. Strongly disagree with this, say, the British Lord Robert Skidelsky, who until last year was a member of the board of the oil company RussNeft. Having worked in Russia for many years, he categorically opposes the use of large-scale sanctions.

Skidelski even managed to write a whole book on this subject. On the example of many political systems, he convincingly proves that never before have Western sanctions led to a change of regimes and rulers.

Instead, citizens blame those who imposed the sanctions for their difficulties. Skidelski directly blames Western governments for spending decades trying to impose sanctions.

Sanctions “should be used only after diplomatic efforts for a peaceful settlement have been exhausted, and never as an alternative to them,” Lord Skidelsky confidently states in his book.

Bloomberg: even in the White House, many are unhappy with the sanctions

The recovery of the Russian currency and the recent central bank cuts to previously sky-high interest rates show that Moscow is coping with the sanctions regime. Philip Inman.

But Western sanctions, like a launched boomerang, are hitting the food and gas markets. And it will come back to haunt the world for many more months. And this is increasingly worrying members of the Biden administration, Bloomberg writes, citing White House officials.

American politicians are outraged that sanctions have been powerless to influence Vladimir Putin or his immediate environment. Instead, the sanctions are only hitting ordinary Russians… and Americans, driving up the already record inflation in the US.

After the imposition of sanctions, the Biden administration believed that if they did not apply to food and energy, then the impact on US inflation would be minimal. But everything turned out exactly the opposite: it was energy and food that became the key factors in the highest level of inflation in the United States over the past 40 years.

Now it has become a weight of responsibility not only for Biden, but also for his Democratic Party, preparing for the November midterm elections. And in this scenario, the elections will be a failure.

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