Oct 9, 2021
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Biden’s new clause: "What does the option look like in the USA? "I’ll call the Kremlin now"

Joe Biden made a new reservation, confusing the phone with the TV. One of the Telegram channels commented on the situation: “How does the option” I’ll call the Kremlin now “looks like in the United States.

US President Joe Biden was once again embarrassed. This happened during his speech in Chicago, which was broadcast on CNN.

The American leader decided to tell about a story that happened to his friends, but made an annoying slip of the tongue:

I was on TV last night. On TV … On the phone with the emergency room.

The owner of the White House then explained that he himself decided to call the doctors directly to inquire about the condition of the wife of a good friend. This story attracted attention not only because of a mistake in Biden’s speech, but also interested the public in its own right.

After that, one of the journalists during a press conference asked White House spokesman Jen Psaki how often the president makes such calls, helping friends bypass the queue.

Biden confused a TV with a telephone and told how the option “I’ll call the Kremlin now” looks like in the United States.

– commented on the situation on the Telegram channel “Pool No. 3”.

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