Aug 30, 2021
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Biden – Zelensky: Wait outside the door, there are more important things to do

Photo: US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (left to right)

Photo: US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (left to right) (Photo: picture alliance / Consolidated / AP Photo / TASS)

Meeting of the Presidents of the United States and Ukraine Joe Biden and Vladimir Zelensky in Washington postponed from August 31 to September 1, said the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak

The White House made such a request, since the completion of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is scheduled for August 31.

“Given the unpredictability and tenseness of the situation in Afghanistan, there can be no ambiguity because the American side needs to focus on this topic on this day.”, – Podolyak told the publication “RBC-Ukraine”.

He also noted that it is more convenient for Kiev to hold a meeting on the day when Ukraine “Will become a key newsmaker on the American agenda.”

This sounded funny. Obviously, “when Ukraine“ becomes a key newsmaker on the American agenda ”can mean“ never ”.

It is worth recalling that the meeting of the two presidents has already been postponed. It was originally supposed to take place on August 30th. Considering that many experts express doubts that the Americans will manage to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan before August 31, the meeting can be postponed indefinitely. But Zelensky has only two days in the United States in his plans. Will he change plans and wait as long as necessary, or will he leave with nothing?

And if the meeting does take place, it is obvious that Biden will not have time for him, to put it mildly. And what if the American leader falls asleep during the meeting. The other day, we recall, he was embarrassed in this way at a meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel, when he talked about a new stage of friendship between the American and Israeli peoples. The head of Israel, it must be understood, is a much more important ally for the United States than some kind of Ukrainian president, so at a meeting with Zelensky, Biden may not wake up at all.

All jokes, but Biden, against the background of events in Afghanistan, which became the most serious test of his entire presidential term, especially after the terrorist attacks that led to huge losses among American soldiers, really has no time for Zelensky. What if there are new terrorist attacks? Zelensky himself must understand that now is not the best time to meet.

Or is it important for him to fix the very fact of communication, and how effective it will be is not at all important? What is he even going to talk about? What does he expect from the meeting?

As previously reported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba, the presidents will communicate face to face and together with delegations. They will discuss three blocks of topics: political, economic and security issues. At the same time, Kuleba assured that there would be no “raised tones” or some kind of blackmail.

– I don’t know if there is an element of deliberate humiliation here, but this whole situation, of course, demonstrates a very dismissive attitude of the United States towards Ukraine, – notes political scientist Vsevolod Shimov… – In fact, this is an attitude towards a vassal, who will still not go anywhere and can stand under the door as long as the owner needs.

“SP”: What if the Americans do not have time to complete the withdrawal on the 31st? Or again a terrorist attack or something else? So you can endure endlessly? But Zelensky only plans to stay in the US for two days … Will he sit in America and wait for Biden to descend to him?

– If there is any force majeure, the meeting can be postponed indefinitely. In this case, Ukrainians will have no choice but to pretend that this is how it should be.

“SP”: What does Zelensky really expect from this meeting? He understands that the Americans have no time for Ukraine now. Or does he care about the fact of a meeting, even if Biden sleeps through it entirely?

– As far as can be judged, the main topic for Zelensky is sanctions against Nord Stream. Of course, he will not be able to influence the position of the United States, which has actually given the go-ahead for the completion of construction. But it will at least indicate the position. Surely, we will talk about the military and political support of Ukraine by Washington, and here, in fact, for Zelensky, things may not be so bad. The Americans do not intend to leave Ukraine, especially since their presence there is not direct, and therefore not costly. Moreover, Washington is actively involved in plundering the remnants of Ukraine’s industrial and technological potential. So Zelensky will certainly receive assurances of support.

“SP”: Does Biden need this meeting at all? Judging by his behavior, he does not remember at all who Zelensky is and why meet with him …

– For Biden, this is a protocol event, nothing more. But since Ukraine is a US satellite, such events are necessary. The satellites should feel that the owner needs it.

“SP”: How much does this situation with the postponement of the meeting affect the international prestige of Ukraine? Or is it all the same to them – there is nowhere to put brands?

– There is no need to talk about international prestige. Ukraine has occupied, perhaps, the most non-prestigious and humiliating place among the satellites of the West. If the western centers of power bear at least some obligations within the EU and NATO to the same Baltic limitrophes, then Kiev does not have that either. So all that remains is to wipe it off.

“SP”: What real place does Ukraine occupy today in the interests of the United States? Has its level decreased or increased with the change of the American president? And can we expect changes in the future?

– Ukraine is a key link in the cordon sanitaire created for the “geopolitical containment” of Russia. The United States does not intend to abandon the “containment” strategy, which means that its support of the Russophobic regime in Kiev will continue. It is another matter that the confrontation with Russia for the United States today is far from the main direction of foreign policy – a much greater threat to Washington is China. That is why the Americans allow themselves such a disdainful attitude towards their Kiev puppets.

According to Chairman of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine Larisa Shesler, another postponement of the meeting with Zelensky is another blow to the prestige of the Ukrainian president:

– Now it is obvious that with such input data, one should not expect any serious conversation on topics of interest to Zelensky. Even if the meeting with Biden takes place on September 1, the level of discussion of the problems will be very low. Most likely, Zelenskiy will have to listen to Biden’s lectures about the unacceptable level of corruption in Ukraine and the need to fulfill the Minsk agreements, which is not at all what Zelenskiy wants to hear.

The status and prestige of Ukraine at the world level is already very low, despite the ritual assurances of the European partners to support Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression. Ukraine is not a player in the geopolitical space, but an object that is played, and this function does not depend on the timing of admission to the White House. Just another transfer of the reception confirms this elementary truth.

For Ukrainian citizens, these transfers also do not change the attitude towards Zelensky. Those who continue to rely on Goloborodko believe that Zelensky will find the right words in communication with Biden. Those who are disappointed in the effectiveness of the former showman in the role of president are convinced once again that they are right.

“SP”: What if Biden falls asleep in a meeting? Shame not at all? Or does Ze all the same, just to fix the fact of the meeting?

– Biden is a symbolic figure, and the meeting with the President of the United States does not depend on who is in this role – active Trump or sleepy Biden.

Likewise, the outcome of the meeting does not depend on Biden’s physical condition and is determined by the “collective Biden”, which today shapes US policy towards Ukraine.

“SP”: What does Zelensky expect from the meeting? Does he understand that against the background of the events in Afghanistan, Biden will have no time for him at all?

– Zelensky expects from the meeting assurances of nuclear support for Ukraine. For years, Ukraine has been used by the United States as a tool to fight Russia. As this tool, Ukraine has lost sales markets in Russia, spoiled relations with it, and reset the prospects for its GTS. Having lost its entire high-tech industry in exchange for loyalty and obedience, Ukraine hoped that in return it would gain EU membership and indulgence in dire corruption.

The Ukrainian authorities perceive the current change in US policy as a stab in the back, forgetting the eternal truth “Rome does not pay traitors”

“SP”: What in reality can Biden offer Ukraine now?

– Judging by the humiliating sentences Merkel to allocate 170 million for green energy as compensation for Nord Stream 2, Biden will also not be too generous with promises and promises of support. Stamps on support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine and on the ownership of Crimea are not very helpful in the Ukrainian economic and political crisis.

And it is quite obvious that the United States does not plan to invest billions in Ukraine, supply weapons there, and involve in the conflict in Donbas even at the level of the Normandy format.

“SP”: The other day, a group of Ukrainian politicians wrote him a letter, they say, they were inspired by the victory, they continue to believe, although he made it clear that the issue with “SP-2” has been resolved. In Ukraine, did they bet on the wrong one? But still they continue to believe? Or is it “ritual dances”?

– The group of “Ukrainian poliiks” is the so-called “sorosets” – Mustafa Nayem, Sergey Leshchenko, Zalischuk, Shabunin and other members of this clan. This letter rather demonstrates the alignment in the American establishment than the position in Ukrainian politics.

This letter is a typical manifestation of the struggle “Soros against Biden ”, when American politicians, who have invested a lot in the formation of a Russophobic Ukrainian elite, fear that the current reversal of American policy will kill their efforts. Once again, Ukrainian puppets are used in intra-American layouts.

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