Jan 24, 2021
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Biden will take revenge … Ukraine: Mikheev about incarnation "Kin-Dza-Dza!" in USA

Indeed, the inauguration Joe Biden turned out to be quite scandalous. Former President of the United States Donald Trump, contrary to the established tradition, was not present at the oath of his successor, did not see the world and walk around the White House of the old and new American presidents. Yes, and the ceremony itself was held without spectators – instead of them, the entire space in front of the Capitol was studded with stars and stripes. The security measures were unprecedented – the military guarded the place of the event. Biden also distinguished himself: he read his solemn speech from a huge screen, fixed on a tower for television broadcasting. This also happened for the first time.

Meanwhile, the former U.S. Secretary of State and Donald Trump’s political rival in the 2016 election Hillary Clinton was going to investigate Trump’s connection with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin… Biden, meanwhile, is forming his administration, which will include obvious Russophobes. So, for example, he offered the post of Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, also known for distributing cookies to protesters on the Maidan in Kiev.

Now everyone is interested in the main question: how will the relations between the new Biden administration and the Kremlin develop. There are many assumptions. For example, that the situation in Ukraine will inevitably worsen. In addition, the re-signing of the START-3 Treaty is being discussed. The issue of the Open Skies Treaty, from which Russia previously withdrew amid US provocations, also remains open.

The dystopia of American democracy

Returning to the topic of the inauguration, columnist for the “First Russian”, political scientist Sergey Mikheev noted that the event looked creepy. And the situation itself, when the newly elected democratically elected president is guarded by almost 20 thousand armed people with armored vehicles, is absurd. At the same time, ordinary Americans were not allowed to the holiday at all. Instead of people – flags, in memory of those who died. From the coronavirus.

To be honest, this is some kind of “Kin-dza-dza”, some kind of dystopia, for which, it seems to me, American mass culture has been preparing people for a long time. Let them watch from childhood about how creepy it will be in the future, and then, when this horror comes, they were not surprised at anything.

Who is Joe Biden’s 20,000 people guarding against? From the American people who weren’t there? There is no other answer …

This “triumph of democracy” is a sign that everything will continue to develop in such an absurd way.

It is interesting, by the way, that Biden said at the inauguration that he was not against protests, but only peaceful ones. But, excuse me … It turns out that you can only protest against him peacefully. And against Donald Trump – whatever? And if in Russia or in Ukraine, in Belarus – is it possible to rage at all?

About Hillary Clinton and her intention to investigate the Trump-Putin relationship, Mikheev continued, even Echo of Moscow and Alexey Navalny no longer believe in this. But nothing! If Clinton said, then you can investigate …

At the same time, as we remember, the previous investigation into the hacking of the servers of the Democratic Party and Trump’s ties with the Kremlin did not lead to anything at all. There was a lot of noise, all these special services were digging, digging, digging something, in the end they didn’t dig anything.

What will be next? Biden’s first decrees and steps are very interesting. He overturned quite a few of Trump’s decisions. But all of them mainly concern symbolic things – the wall on the Mexican border, the Paris climate agreement. And other nonsense, Mikheev noted.

As for us, Trump’s line will continue, which has been very tough and purposeful for all four years putting pressure on Nord Stream 2. Now a person from the administration, Blinken said: “Nord Stream 2” is a bad idea, we are not going to lift any sanctions, and, on the contrary, we will continue to put pressure on Russia. Here they also come in handy Navalny.

Reset Minsk Agreements

On the issue of Ukraine, there are serious fears that Joe Biden will try to provoke the Ukrainian authorities to aggravate the conflict with Russia. The fact is that the Minsk agreements obviously limit the freedom of maneuver for the Ukrainian authorities. No wonder Kiev wants to get out of them. This requires, for example, an armed provocation. In principle, it would also be beneficial for Biden – to take and nullify the Minsk agreements. But the main thing is to blame Russia for this afterwards.

The point is not that they do not need them, these agreements. The point is who to blame. Therefore, Biden can help Ukraine organize an exacerbation in Donbass, blaming Russia for this, then say no to the Minsk Agreements, and at the same time open, say, a qualitatively new stage of military cooperation with Ukraine. And then, frankly, Ukraine will begin to prepare to become a springboard for a military strike against Russia. Such a turn of events cannot be ruled out.

Biden will have to do something. And it will take him two years in domestic politics just to throw mud at Trump. He will say that all the bad moments are because of Trump. He will begin to cancel what Trump accepted there, and return what was.

For example, Biden is already talking about the possibility of returning Obamacare, the health insurance program. He says that he will legalize almost 10 million migrants, which means that they will also need insurance. Of course, his plans are rather strange, if you look from the point of view of even the American layman. But, apparently, inside the United States, he will be engaged in precisely these things – to smash everything connected with Trump.

As for foreign policy, then the post-Soviet space will become Biden’s main focus. Why is everyone talking about Ukraine now? And also about Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Central Asia, Transcaucasia and so on. I think that Biden and his son will try to take revenge for all the “leaked” compromising evidence associated with the Ukrainian company Burisma. They are petty people, they love and know how to take revenge. Look at how they are destroying Trump now. They literally want to take everything away from him, and even bring the impeachment to the end, if possible.

Impeachment bargaining?

And this will be the first time in US history that impeachment can be confirmed after the president has left office. One of the sides of a possible impeachment is that Trump will be deprived of a large number of privileges, including monetary ones, which the ex-US president has by law. And in parallel, they will spread rot on his business, hammer on the family and choke him with compromising evidence.

I have already said that, perhaps, there are some kind of behind-the-scenes agreements, some negotiations are underway that Trump is “backing down” a little, and they, in return, do not bring the matter to impeachment in the Senate. And the latest statements and actions of Trump also speak of this. For example, he did not come to Biden’s inauguration, yes, ex-Vice President Pence came instead. But Trump made a speech where he said that the prospects are excellent, wished Biden happiness, good luck. And said, “Maybe I’ll be back.”

The version of such behind-the-scenes trade also fits the news that Trump may create a patriotic party that will attract his supporters of several million people. This is a very serious challenge to the American system. Because such a party can claim to participate in the elections. And if Trump really does it, it will be a continuation of the internal political crisis in the United States. But it cannot be ruled out that so far these are only threats from the ex-president: they say, I will register my party, and we will swing your two-party system – it is still not known what will be left of you!

That is, the system can become three-party. And this is generally unacceptable for the American ruling class, they will do everything to prevent this from happening. But it cannot be ruled out that these statements by Donald Trump are also bargaining: you do not accept impeachment – I am leaving. And if you accept, I can do this and that. But can he really? It’s hard to say – age takes its toll, strength is not the same. Although he left the White House with a confident face.

But what is more interesting if you think about propaganda. CNN reported on Donald Trump’s departure from the White House. And so they all showed that a helicopter is visible, but Trump seems to be gone. Although all the other TV companies showed it very closely. This is definitely propaganda and already a classic example of post-truth, concluded Sergei Mikheev.

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