Sep 5, 2021
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Biden was shown how to fight the Taliban

Biden was shown how to fight the Taliban

The Afghan National Resistance Front repels the most powerful attack by the Taliban.

In vain, the Taliban, celebrating the alleged victory in the Panjshir Valley, accidentally shot and injured 17 people during the fireworks. A Resistance Front spokesman said Saturday that Taliban forces that had reached Darband heights had been pushed back. “Our defenses are indestructible,” Fahim Dashti said.

The Taliban justify their failure with mines that have slowed their progress.

Pakistani intelligence director General Faiz Hamid flew to Kabul urgently. Islamabad is concerned about unexpected defeats in the battle with the Resistance Front.

It is believed that Hamid is going to help reorganize the Afghan army under the command of the Taliban.

There are reports of huge losses of the Taliban in Panjshir. They lost several units of their elite troops and a large number of armored vehicles, they were abandoned and went to the Resistance, which reports the encirclement of several thousand Taliban, who abandoned their equipment. Some positions change hands several times, the Taliban no longer count their dead.

Meanwhile, in Kabul, the creation of an Afghan government has been postponed due to large contradictions between the negotiators. Washington does not know how to react to the events in Pajshir, where the US president was called a traitor.

Nikolay Ivanov


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