Oct 7, 2021
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Biden was offered a plan to contain Russia

: Olga Sokolova / Global Look Press /

Former Trump advisor demands to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank

The White House should accelerate planned arms sales to Poland in order to strengthen NATO’s position eastward. Such an appeal to US President Joe Biden was made by Robert O’Brien, who oversaw security issues in the administration of former American leader Donald Trump.

According to the politician, Washington should support Warsaw and encourage its investments in the military-industrial complex. The ex-adviser considers this plan the only way to convey to Russia the idea that the United States continues to occupy a leading role in the North Atlantic bloc, even despite the situation in Afghanistan.

“NATO should not be underestimated,” O’Brien said.

Note that Trump supporters accuse the current owner of the White House of incompetence. In their opinion, Biden weakened the position of the United States and its allies in the military-political alliance when he began to withdraw troops from the Islamic republic.

The American politician is confident that Russia needs to be contained in Europe, because during the recent exercises, our country has demonstrated its potential. O’Brien noted that Russian military force could pose a challenge to NATO. However, the alliance, he said, in its current form will not be able to withstand Russia.

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