Sep 9, 2021
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"Biden wants to warn Putin": Wasserman shared "insider" from Kiev

In Ukraine, rumors are circulating about a new meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden – allegedly it will take place in October. Political expert Anatoly Wasserman shared an “insider”: Biden wants to warn Putin about something. At least this is what Kiev hopes for.

The Ukrainian edition “Strana.Ua” reported that a meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States may take place in the near future. Such rumors coming from the Ukrainian media are not surprising, Anatoly Wasserman said in an interview with Constantinople. He explained that the Ukrainian leadership “is asleep and sees” a new meeting between Biden and Putin, “where Biden will warn Putin that Nord Stream must be stopped.”

In Ukraine, the expert noted, the refusal of the United States to impose new sanctions against the second stage of Nord Stream was very painful:

Because German business very lucidly explained to German politicians that without cheap energy, the entire German economy would collapse. And although the Americans really want this, they understand that the Germans would rather leave NATO than abandon the development of the Nord Stream.

According to Wasserman himself, the information about the upcoming meeting between Putin and Biden is only the dreams of the Kiev authorities, as well as the desire of the Ukrainian media to tweak and promote. He added that the stuffing about this meeting had already been refuted.

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