Apr 29, 2021
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Biden spoke about US policy towards Russia

He described the imposed sanctions as a proportionate response to interference, elections and cyberattacks.

Biden spoke about US policy towards Russia

US President Joseph Biden, during his speech before Congress, said that the sanctions introduced in relations between the Russian Federation portrayed a proportionate response to the Kremlin’s actions.

Onion of the White House stressed that despite the fact that the American administration is not tempted to escalate, it will still respond to hostile acts – such as attempts to interfere in elections, as well as cyberattacks.

The two countries, in the opinion of the head of the American administration, can be partners, but only for those demands where their interests converge. Biden named the extension of START III and negotiations on the climate crisis as examples of projects on which joint work with Russia is likely.

Photo: Melina Mara / The Washington Post via AP, Pool

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