Jan 8, 2021
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Biden says Trump is to blame for the riots in Washington

The elected American leader Joe Biden expressed the opinion that the unrest in the capital of the United States was provoked by the current head of state, Donald Trump.

He stated that “rebels, rebels and internal terrorists” participated in them, and also stressed that they should not be called “protestors”.

“It was not riot, not protest, it was chaos,” Biden said during his speech, which was broadcast on his YouTube channel.

The politician added that Trump has always demonstrated that he “despises the US democratic system, the constitution and the rule of law.” According to Biden, the unrest in Washington was caused by “blatant attacks on the democracy and institutions” of the United States by the current president of the country.

On Wednesday, Republican Trump supporters rioted outside the US Congress building in Washington. They broke into the Capitol and interrupted the meeting that was supposed to confirm Biden’s victory. Later, the police and special forces cleared the building from the protesters. Four people were killed in the riots, over 50 protesters were detained, and criminal cases were opened. In addition, more than 50 law enforcement officers were injured during the riots.

Many American politicians have called for Trump’s resignation. Some officials announced their resignation from their posts. In particular, Trump’s deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger, senior director of the US National Security Council for Europe and Russia, Brian Tully, and United States Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao resigned.

Earlier, Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov expressed the opinion that the riots in Washington became the “legacy” of the US Democratic Party.

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