Aug 18, 2022
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Biden runs into a nuclear strike: 1700 warheads will be enough for the old man

Pictured: US President Joe Biden

Pictured: US President Joe Biden (Photo: Yuri Gripas/Consolidated News Photos/Global Look Press)

Regime fueled by the West Zelensky weapons, money, military experts and intelligence information increases the resistance of Kyiv and provokes a discussion about the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons (NW) in Ukraine. Since the two leading nuclear powers, the Russian Federation and the United States, are involved in the conflict, the use of nuclear weapons can also lead to a large-scale exchange of strikes.

There are predictions that in the event of such a conflict, 360 million people will immediately die. And the subsequent famine will lead to the death of another 5 billion. Because of the nuclear winter, crops will fall, the average global calorie intake will be reduced by about 90% in three to four years. The best chances of survival will be for the inhabitants of Australia and Argentina, where it will be possible to feed themselves.

However, the West does not seem to care. This week, the United States tested the latest Minuteman III ballistic missile “to demonstrate the readiness of nuclear forces and confidence in the lethality and effectiveness of a national nuclear deterrent.” Previously, tests were postponed so as not to irritate Russia, then China, but now, apparently, the political attitude has changed. And the nuclear button is not very adequate Biden.

A feature of the new version of the Cold War is that the United States and Russia, at the initiative of Washington, actually stopped contacts between top leaders, which was not the case even during the Soviet period. The very fact of contacts, meetings – to a large extent reduces the likelihood of misunderstanding of the enemy’s plans and inadequate reaction. The best reason for resuming contacts could be the extension of the START-3 treaty.

The United States did not offer Russia to resume negotiations on a new document to replace START-3, said the Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to him, politicians in Washington are accustomed to “announcing some things through a microphone and then forget about them” (a hint at Biden’s words that he is supposedly ready for negotiations – author). Answering the question whether Russia is ready to involve China (the United States wants this), Lavrov replied that this is Beijing’s business.

Note that Moscow constantly emphasizes that nuclear weapons are a means of deterrence, and the conditions for their possible use are described in our doctrine.

“All previous strategic arms treaties gave the Americans an idea of ​​what kind of arsenals we had, and to us what they have,” says military expert Dmitry Litovkin. — However, in recent years Russia has invested a lot of effort and money in the modernization of its nuclear shield, as President Putin spoke about in his message to the Federal Assembly.

Let me remind you that by 2024 Russia will not have a single rocket produced in the Soviet era. It will be armed with completely new machines of the Sarmat type for land, Bulava for submarines, a new nuclear-powered strategic cruise missile Burevestnik, and a Poseidon nuclear submarine drone.

At the current Army-2022 forum, the first contract for the purchase of Sarmat heavy missiles was signed. Moreover, by the end of the year, a regiment of 10 vehicles will be put into operation. Is it really possible to produce them in the four remaining months? Most likely, they have already been produced. It remains only to poke them into the mines.

Americans don’t have anything like that. Their new-generation rocket similar to ours will appear no earlier than 2027. They understand that they have lost the arms race. And the fact that there is no mutual balance between Russia and the United States in strategic arms pushes the American guys to reasoning on the verge of a foul. They would like to limit our new possibilities.

But the current treaties do not require Moscow to take into account weapons systems that have no analogues in the enemy. Accordingly, we are not obliged to limit either the Poseidon, or the Burevestnik, or our heavy missile, the Sarmat. But this is all talk within the framework of military theory. There are no concrete movements from either side now.

“SP”: – It turns out that Russia does not need new agreements with the United States. Why should we discuss the potential limitation of our unique arsenals? Let them be afraid…

— Deputy Head of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev It was not in vain that the Americans should beg us on their knees to sit down with them at the negotiating table on the limitation of strategic arms. Here it is, our position.

The possibility of involvement in the global nuclear conflict of the PRC estimated expert of the Institute of the Far East of the Russian Academy of Sciences, specialist in the Chinese military-industrial complex Vasily Kashin.

China is a growing nuclear power and is likely to become the third largest nuclear power by 2030. According to American data, the Chinese potential surpasses the French one and approaches 400 deployed warheads. Taking into account missiles, Beijing is probably capable of delivering up to 200 warheads to the US mainland. This is not 1.5 thousand that Russia can send to the United States, but also a lot.

“SP”: – In what case can these missiles take off?

– There is a threat associated with a strategic conflict around Taiwan. Unlike Ukraine, the Americans promise to defend Taiwan directly. This means that while in Ukraine they carefully avoid a direct conflict between Russia and NATO, in the case of Taiwan, the danger of a nuclear crisis is very real. Both sides will apparently try to stay within the limits, but it is not a fact that this will work out.

“SP”: – Washington wants China to become a party to the new version of the START treaty …

– China will not conduct any negotiations until it accumulates a nuclear potential that is comparable to Russia’s and America’s. Beijing openly and directly declares this. They will not assume any unequal obligations. After all, any agreement will give them a number of warheads comparable to other parties. So they will continue to calmly, without any restrictions, build up their grouping.

“SP”: – Apparently, foreseeing this, the United States created a bloc VICTIMincluding a nuclear dimension?

– The military component of the bloc should not be overestimated. There are no strict military obligations, but there are military-technical projects, the main of which is the construction of nuclear submarines by Australia. True, they will enter the Australian fleet no earlier than the 2040s. However, these boats will be built according to American and British technologies, and their feature is the use of uranium with a high degree of enrichment – up to 99 percent.

This means that a large amount of nuclear weapons material will be transferred to Australia. In addition, if an agreement like the NATO Nuclear sharing (nuclear exchange) is implemented there, American nuclear weapons could theoretically be placed on these boats. Australia is currently a party to the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty. But it is clear that if the situation changes, all this can be quickly reversed.

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