Sep 2, 2021
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Biden put Zelensky in his place

Photo: US President Joe Biden (right) and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (left) during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House.

Photo: US President Joe Biden (right) and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (left) during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House. (Photo: AP Photo / Evan Vucci / TASS)

“The idiot’s dream has come true – finally, the owner deigned to accept the slave,” – this is how one of the Twitter users commented on the visit of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to the Capitol Hill.

Tête-à-tête with the President of the United States Joe Biden was supposed to become the main intrigue of the Ukrainian leader’s overseas voyage. But the schedule was drawn up in such a way that he first met with some ministers who could personally “test the waters”, see to what extent Zelensky is able to be a reliable partner, and only then, having made preliminary conclusions, admit him to the Oval Office. So, from the beginning, a few words about the results of these meetings.

First, Zelenskiy became “President Lewinsky” – one of the TV channels messed up with the captions. However, this mistake is – directly according to Freud, the president of Ukraine is now associated with millions of Americans with a professional trainee, the connection with which was almost worth it. Bill clinton presidential chair.

Secondly, the annals of history have been enriched by a rather humiliating photo taken during the signing of documents related to the energy industry: the Ukrainian leader stands alone against the background of the flags of the United States and Ukraine, behind the officials sitting at the table.

Third, the United States has contracted to build five nuclear power units in Ukraine. This agreement will cost Ukrainian taxpayers $ 30 billion. And the power units will operate on American-made fuel rods, for which you will have to pay while the nuclear power plant is in operation. For the United States, this deal is very profitable, but for Ukraine it is unlikely.

Fourth, a defense partnership agreement was signed, and Biden approved a new $ 60 million military aid package for Kiev, and promised to deliver Javelin missile systems. But this is not enough offensively.

The USA invested almost a trillion (!) Dollars in Afghanistan. During the withdrawal of troops, one weapon was thrown at 85 billion. So “help” to Ukraine is drawn only to tips.

And there was something else … Oh, yes! The US is still against Nord Stream 2. True, it is almost completed, but the United States is still against it. Washington intends to preserve the “transit role” of Ukraine and ensure “security of supplies during this transitional energy period”, and prevent the use of the highway “as a geopolitical weapon.”

Well, and, of course, the United States supports Ukraine in resisting Russian aggression and on the way to the North Atlantic Alliance. In words, of course.

The meeting between Biden and Zelensky lasted for about two hours. But there were no press conferences, no answers to journalists’ questions at the beginning of the meeting. At the end of the rendezvous, the President of Ukraine also refrained from commenting.

– The results of the visit are weak, – considers geopolitics expert MGIMO professor Mikhail Alexandrov… – Even if you look together. Zelensky long sought a meeting with the President of the United States, pounded the doorstep. What is the bottom line?

We signed an agreement on military cooperation, received 60 million dollars, but these are ridiculous numbers.

They talked about support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine – this is the official position of the United States, which has already been voiced many times. Support for all Russophobic regimes in the world is the official policy of Washington. Actually, it is precisely because of Russophobia that Zelensky’s regime enjoys the patronage of the Americans. In this respect, the United States is our existential enemy. Either we are theirs, or they are us, and this must be understood.

The expert noted that after the fiasco in Afghanistan, Biden is showing caution, and does not take any drastic steps, does not take on serious obligations. Therefore, all words of encouragement and assurances of support should be divided by ten.

For example, the United States supported Ukraine in its aspiration to join NATO, this is even mentioned in the statement following the meeting of the presidents, but Ukraine’s joining the alliance will automatically lead to a war with Russia. The question arises: is NATO really going to fight for the interests of Ukraine with a power that has a strong army, navy and nuclear weapons? Or is the United States ready for this, especially after the failure of the mission in Afghanistan?

Mikhail Aleksandrov also noted that the fact that during the meeting of the presidents there was no press conference and no answer to journalists’ questions is a bad sign for the Ukrainian leader:

– So he was put in place. Probably, Biden saw how Zelensky behaved insolently during a meeting with Merkel, began to teach her, give advice to her, and decided not to create an unpleasant situation for himself. The President of the United States has absolutely no need to listen to Zelensky’s lectures. It was very rash on the part of the Ukrainian leader to behave so defiantly with the Chancellor of Germany, a country that, unlike Ukraine, has a developed economy and political weight. Moreover, with regard to the allies, such demarches are bad form.

If leaders of countries in confrontation meet, then this behavior is actually acceptable. But Zelenskiy is positioning himself as an ally of the West, an ally of NATO.

In general, there will be no serious results from the meeting of the presidents of Ukraine and the US. Just talk. This is all that can be said about Zelensky’s visit.

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