Feb 17, 2021
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Biden on Life in the White House: The Golden Cage

More than four weeks have passed since Joe Biden’s inauguration. The new US president told reporters about life in the White House.

The American leader admitted that he is not yet used to his new place of residence. It is still difficult for a politician to interact with service personnel. “I feel uncomfortable every time someone hands me a coat,” Joe Biden said. “The White House is like a golden cage.

The Democrat noted that he was in the Oval Office more than a hundred times when he served as vice president, but he never saw the residential part of the house. And if Biden is still getting used to the residence, then he has no problems with new responsibilities. “Things are changing so quickly that sometimes I feel like I’ve been here for four years,” he said.

Biden explained that he feels this feeling not because he finds his job burdensome, but because he is constantly focused on solving various problems and problems. “There are many things happening every day,” the Associated Press quoted the head of the United States as saying.

Joe Biden’s inauguration took place on January 20. The event was attended by three of his predecessors: Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. It is noteworthy that the ceremony was missed by the 45th President of America Donald Trump. On this day, he went to a military base, where he met with his associates.

Recall that Donald Trump refused to admit his defeat in the elections and accused Joe Biden of fraudulent actions with votes. On January 6, Republican supporters stormed the Capitol, where the voting results were being approved at that moment. The riots killed five people.


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