Oct 16, 2020
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Biden named Trump’s main “achievements” in foreign policy

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called the incumbent Donald Trump's foreign policy a failure.

According to Biden, Trump's actions have made the United States more isolated than ever, and also less secure than it was.

During a meeting with voters, which was broadcast on ABC TV, Joe Biden noted that during Trump's presidency, "Iran has become closer to nuclear weapons, and the DPRK has more bombs and missiles."

In addition, according to the politician, NATO allies openly say that they can no longer trust Washington.

Also, the presidential candidate pointed out that Donald Trump withdrew the country from a number of key international organizations and treaties. All this, according to Biden, testifies to the fact that the current president has no foreign policy plan.

In addition, the democrat again recalled the recent public confidence poll in which Donald Trump fell behind the leaders of Russia and China.

Earlier, Trump, at a meeting with voters, announced his readiness to transfer power after the presidential elections, but at the same time expressed the hope that he could win.

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