Nov 6, 2021
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Biden lost confidence referendum

Most Americans believe the country is on the wrong track

In the United States, local elections were held in which governors and mayors of several states were elected. Attention was focused on the Democratic homeland, Virginia, where a new governor was being elected.

Virginia has been considered the epicenter of ideological and racial wars for two years now. Here, for example, monuments to famous figures of American history were destroyed especially diligently. So, in Richmond, the former capital of the Confederation, to thunderous applause from the townspeople demolished monument to General Robert Lee. In state schools teach so-called “critical race theory,” the state’s Department of Education recommends it as “best practice.”

Terry McAuliffe

Democrat nominee for governor Terry McAuliffe speaking to voters statedthat there are too many white teachers in Virginia schools and he intends to reduce their number. For what? And so that “everyone is comfortable.” This is a fairly widespread trend of the times in the United States now.

Virginia is a hectic state. On May 28, 2021, in this state, in a school in Loudon County, a transgender teenager, wearing a skirt, raped a ninth-grader at school. Local authorities tried to cover up the crime, and when the girl’s father protested at a meeting of the district public schools, the police beat him and arrested him. Despite widespread outrage, County School Board Chair Brenda Sheridan pledged to protect transgender students who were threatened with murder by angry parents.

Demolition of the monument to Robert Lee.

Demolition of the monument to Robert Lee. Photo REUTERS

The result of the gubernatorial elections in Virginia, which the American media called a referendum on confidence in US President Joe Biden, became “a wake-up call for the Democrats,” according to the Voice of America **, recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent. Glenn Youngkin, a 54-year-old banker with no political experience, was elected as the new governor. Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe was not helped by his previous experience as governor of the state, nor by the support of the Democratic elite. They came to agitate for a loser “The most famous Democrats on the planet, from incumbent President Joe Biden to ex-President Barack Obama and Kamala Harris herself”Tucker Carlson sneers from Fox News… However, it didn’t help.

Glenn Yankgin

Glenn Yankgin

And Glenn Yankgin managed to find a balance between support for Donald Trump and a moderate election program, which was liked by part of the Democratic voters. On the campaign trail, Yangkin focused on issues such as the economy and the “pandemic”, opposing the forced wearing of masks. He also promised to ban the teaching of “critical race theory” in schools on the very first day after his victory.

“Youngkin was able to show the difference between his position and the views of Donald Trump, without speaking about it directly.”, – writes New York Times… Having built a strategy “Keeping Trump at arm’s length”, Yangkin was able to conquer both opponents and supporters of the former president, the so-called Never Trumpers and Forever Trumpers… Rural districts played a significant role in Yangkin’s victory. Yangkin also won in the suburbs. Axios writes that he managed to create a template Trump light, which Republicans can successfully replicate as the main strategy for fighting Democrats in other states.

2nd person in Virginia (lieutenant governor) elected Black Republican Vince Sears, Marine Corps veteran. She distanced herself from racial issues, did not emphasize her skin color in the election campaign, but focused on issues of economic and social development. And she openly called “critical race theory” a “racist concept.” Vince Sears’s success has shown that black Republicans can be a powerful asset for the elephant party in the midterm and presidential elections.

Liberal media called Yangkin’s victory “white ignorance” (white ignorance)but such assessments are more indicative of the depth of the rift in American society than something else. Wall Street Magazine writes that Yangkin’s victory presented the Republicans with the scenario of winning the faltering states in the midterm elections in 2022.

“The New Jersey gubernatorial election was just as encouraging for the Republicans,” – notes New York Times… There incumbent Governor Philip D. Murphy almost lost out to little-known Republican Jack Chiattarelli, and the proximity of Murphy’s and Chiattarelli’s results only underlined the Democratic Party’s vulnerability.

Unlike Youngkin, Chiattarelli, a former state legislator, did not have a lot of personal fortune to spend on his campaign, and the Republican leadership did not attach much importance to his participation in the New Jersey gubernatorial election. If Chiattarelli were helped to raise more funds, he could very well close a gap of less than one percent to Murphy.

In the mayoral elections in New York City, tired of pogroms and violence, the townspeople cast their votes for the old-school Democrat, former policeman, black supporter of “law and order” Eric Adams.

In a referendum in Minneapolis, more than 56 percent of city dwellers voted against the abolition of the city police.

In Boston, Progressive Michelle Wu has been elected mayor. Her rival was Anissa Essybi George, who represented the centrist wing of the Democratic Party. This is another defeat for Joe Biden personally.

Local elections in America took place at a time when voters were deeply disappointed. They are tired of the ongoing “pandemic”, irritated by rising prices, shortages of a number of familiar goods. Most Americans think the country is on the wrong track.

Cover photo: REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst

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