May 4, 2021
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Biden is being blackmailed by his party associates

Biden is being blackmailed by his party associates

The President of the United States and his administration are faced with the first challenge that the Democratic elite presented to him.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and an influential group of her supporters have toughly warned Joe Biden that the United States and he personally will face the huge negative consequences of the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

He is advised to abandon this step. Clinton is a dangerous fanatical opponent, it was she who sanctioned the catastrophic “revolution” in Libya and the assassination of the country’s leader. Afghanistan for her is another stronghold of the United States in Asia in confronting the Russian president she hates.

Clinton publicly announced her first disagreement with the president. She was supported by another former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, who worked with President George W. Bush.

Clinton said that the withdrawal of the United States in Afghanistan will further flare up the civil war. In order for Biden to leave US troops in Afghanistan and take a more active stance against Russia, outright blackmail was unleashed. Biden’s party colleagues suddenly hinted in an interview with the magazine “Politico”That the president is still very old and will only be able to hold office for one term. But he doesn’t publicly admit it.

For the first time in the Democratic Party, they suddenly started talking about the old age of the president. And it also means that he may be offered to resign before his presidency ends. And the Democratic presidential campaign will be supported by a more energetic person, such as Vice President Kamala Harris. This threat is addressed not only to Biden, but also to a group of his advisers who advocate the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan by the end of the summer.

Nikolay Ivanov


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