Feb 21, 2021
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Biden in Munich challenges Putin and Russia

Photo: US President Joe Biden at the Munich Security Conference online

Photo: US President Joe Biden at the Munich Security Conference Online (Photo: AP / TASS)

The Munich Security Conference, which took place online this year, resulted in a strategic challenge that the United States, together with its allied Europe, posed to Russia. For the first time since 1995, representatives of Moscow were not invited to the forum.

The central event of the conference was the speech Joe Biden… She was full of pathos. “America is back. The Transatlantic Alliance is a solid foundation on which our collective security and our common prosperity are built. The partnership between Europe and the United States … is and must remain the cornerstone of all that we hope to achieve in the 21st century, as in the 20th century. “

Biden emphasized the military component of the partnership with Europe. He assured NATO member states that the United States remains committed to the alliance and will remain faithful to Article 5 of the bloc’s charter, which guarantees protection to its members. “An attack on one is an attack on all. This is our unwavering vow. ” At the same time, Biden praised the Europeans for the increased payment discipline (this was achieved Trump).

Enemies were also named. Russia is trying to “weaken the European project and NATO,” as well as “undermine the transatlantic unity and resolve,” according to Biden. “It is much easier for the Kremlin to threaten individual countries than to negotiate with a united and strong transatlantic alliance,” he says. At the same time, he named China as the main threat. The West should prepare for a long and tough rivalry with it in the Indo-Pacific region.

Recall that it was at the Munich Security Conference in 2007 that the famous speech was made Vladimir Putin about the injustice of the unipolar model of the world, the dangerous approach of NATO to the borders of Russia and the lack of alternatives to the UN mechanisms for solving global problems.

According to Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Leonid Krutakov, after the last “Munich” security in the world has become less.

– The most important result of the Munich conference is the fact that Russia was not invited to it. Everything else that was said publicly is secondary. Cutting off Russia, which is one of the key links in the global security formula, has taken a step towards a sharp aggravation in the world. Russia cannot be ruled out, since in terms of its military potential it is the only country comparable to the United States. And if it is pushed aside from the security forum, it means that it is ranked as a direct military enemy. They make it clear that dialogue with her is impossible. Here is the conclusion from this.

What Biden said now is nothing more than PR and hype. The main step has been taken long ago. This was before Trump – at Obama, and under Trump, and now under Biden. The world is moving towards bipolarity. The United States declared its strategic interests and said: whoever is not with us is against us. In this sense, Russia and China are against the United States. India hesitates, however, is a member of the SCO and BRICS, Iran respectively, Venezuela, Syria – those countries that are under pressure.

The fact that the United States began to implement the doctrine again Monroe it became clear after the resignation of the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff… Let me remind you that at the summit in Canberra, Australia, she was the only one who, when world leaders tried to isolate Putin, began to talk and communicate with him. Then there was a soft color revolution in Brazil and it was removed. Is there some more Juan Guaidowho is preparing to change Maduro… So nothing changes. The United States is systematically implementing its strategy.

Part of this strategy is to firmly anchor Europe in the structure, where they are occupied territory and part of America’s project. This is possible only through power resources. Economically, Europe has more interests and ties with Russia and China. Its foreign trade turnover with our countries before the sanctions war exceeded all other foreign trade turnovers. Therefore, the United States is holding Europe by creating threats on its borders. Therefore, Ukraine, therefore, Belarus, therefore, “Nord Stream-2”.

And of course, you need to directly call Russia an enemy so that Europe will understand this. Because in this case, only the United States and NATO can provide security. So nothing has fundamentally changed.

“SP”: -There is an opinion that Russia needs to act in a mirror-like manner – strategically “tear off” Europe, in particular, Germany, from the United States, and for this sometimes it is even possible to sacrifice its tactical interests …

– Of course, the national interests of Germany and European countries do not fit into the structure dictated to them by the United States. If the EU collapses tomorrow, then Washington will have no tools to control European countries, except for an open military presence. Therefore, they cling to the EU, which plays the role of a straitjacket for the national ambitions of European countries, especially Germany, where we see how national consciousness rises. Same as in France, Scotland, Ireland, Catalonia etc. It is easier for the USA to solve everything through the bureaucratic structure of the EU.

But in no case should Russia harbor illusions, sacrifice its own interests even for the sake of the prospect of some bonuses. You need to act very tough and pragmatic in your own interests, to pursue them and not to retreat from them. Don’t flirt with anyone. Not with Europe, not with Ukraine, not with Belarus, not with China, not with Turkey. We must clearly define our interests and proceed only from them. And other countries are invited to find compromise zones that will help avoid conflicts. To feed other people’s ambitions means to worsen your negotiating capabilities.

American political scientist, expert at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Konstantin Blokhin doubts that the United States has the power to maintain a confrontational course.

– This is a gross strategic mistake of the United States. With their statements, they realize a geopolitical nightmare Henry Kissinger – to an even greater extent enhance the interaction between Russia and China. Who declares war on two fronts at once? On the contrary, a coalition is needed to win. Therefore, at one time, the United States welcomed China to undermine the Soviet Union. This is the ABC of war.

When Trump became president, his task was precisely to tear Russia away from China, improving relations with Moscow. And these act so primitive, clumsy, self-confident. They hope they can bankrupt Russia and China. But they subconsciously still understand that the United States cannot stand alone and therefore call on Europe to join.

Therefore, Biden positions himself as a unifier of the West through strengthening US control over Western countries. And before that, at his inauguration, he acted as the unifier of America.

“SP”: – Why are they so fussing?

– In America they understand that epoch-making events are taking place in the world now. For the first time, the West is losing its leadership in the military-political and economic spheres. Please note that over the past 500 years, one Western country has changed another in the role of global leader: Holland, Spain, France, Britain. And now it is not the Western countries that come out ahead: China, India. The same Russia. And therefore, Biden’s task is to consolidate the West on the basis of an anti-Russian, anti-Chinese policy. They twig like crusaders. However, it is far from certain that Western pressure will bring them benefits. China is becoming efficient and competitive. In the United States, they broke their heads, pondering how to contain it. Economically – afraid to undermine themselves, economies are too tied. Therefore, they are trying technologically, imposing sanctions against advanced Chinese companies. But in general, this is their mistake.

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