Aug 30, 2021
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Biden got into a new embarrassment in front of the cameras: the President of the United States let his ears down

Joe Biden forgot to remove the mask from one ear during a press conference on Hurricane Ida. The mask hung on one ear throughout the performance, knocking the audience off a serious tone.

US President Joe Biden found himself in a new embarrassment in front of television cameras. The elderly American leader forgot to remove his medical mask from one ear during a press conference.

The incident occurred while Biden was giving an update on Hurricane Ida. He removed the mask from one ear, but forgot to remove it from the other. As a result, the mask dangled on the ear, creating a comic effect.

For critics of the American leader, this was another confirmation that he does not have the necessary physical and mental health to perform his duties. Earlier, the US President fell asleep in front of television cameras right at a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Recall that during the 2020 election campaign, Donald Trump christened his opponent Sleepy Joe. And public speeches, in which Biden confused and forgot everything that was possible, only confirmed the offensive nickname.

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