Aug 29, 2021
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Biden faces impeachment?

Biden faces impeachment?

The US Congress is calling for the impeachment of President Biden. The American leader is accused of not fulfilling his obligations in Afghanistan.

On the eve, several representatives of the Republican Party harshly criticized Biden’s actions in Afghanistan. Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, who made a devastating speech, also submitted a draft resolution to impeach the president. According to the Republicans, after such a Biden fiasco, militants can occupy the entire territory of the country. So far, the Taliban do not control only the Panjshir.

All of America is terribly disappointed in its president. The people put all the blame for the Afghan disaster on their leader. In the United States, it was rumored that Biden was no longer able to fulfill the duties of commander-in-chief. Leading Western observers write that America has suffered the greatest disgrace since the end of World War II.

Politico quotes Karl Rove, the former political mentor of George W. Bush, who believes that it will no longer be possible for Biden to cleanse his Afghan shame. The newspaper notes that even members of the same party, an influential group of Democrats in Congress working on national security issues, spoke out against Biden. Afghanistan war veteran William B., who survived four military missions, said that he would not even trust the current commander-in-chief to run the bathhouse.

Meanwhile, the President of America is confident that his country has coped with its mission. “What is our interest in Afghanistan at the moment, when Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia. – Ed.) no more? We went to Afghanistan with the clear goal of getting rid of al-Qaeda and also to get Osama bin Laden. And we did it, ”Biden said.

“President Biden is clearly out of touch with reality regarding the situation in Afghanistan. Just a month or two ago, the UN published a report stating that al-Qaeda is located in 15 provinces of Afghanistan, ”says Senator Lindsay Graham from South Carolina.

Meanwhile, the Taliban made several unsuccessful attempts to break into the Panjshir Valley, located just 100 kilometers from Kabul, where tens of thousands of Afghans fled. There, the anti-Taliban coalition is headed by Ahmad Massoud, the son of the legendary warlord Ahmad Shah Massoud, killed by the Taliban, and the Vice President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, who announced that presidential powers had been transferred to him.

The Taliban did not manage to capture the Panjshir Valley even after they first took power in Kabul in the late 90s. The area is surrounded by inaccessible mountains. The only road, squeezed by mountain spurs, leading to the valley, is extremely narrow and is under the sights of sniper groups. Saleh and Massoud said they would never go into the service of the Taliban. According to US intelligence, a regrouping of forces under the command of Massoud is now taking place in Panjshir.

The houses in Panjshir are hung with green-white-black flags of the Northern Alliance, which in a matter of days, with the support of American aviation, defeated the Taliban and liberated Kabul, after which the Taliban fled from all major cities.

The Northern Alliance counteroffensive, which began on August 17, and Saleh’s statement cast doubt on the international recognition of the Taliban’s power, which during their victorious march did not conduct any serious hostilities, so it is not clear how much they are able to hold the front line at all.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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