Sep 8, 2021
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Biden Extends National Emergency Regime To Allow Electoral Sanctions

US leader John Biden extended the state of emergency for another year due to the threat of external interference in the elections in the States.

The United States extended the national emergency regime, which was declared due to the so-called foreign interference in the elections. This was announced by President Joe Biden, RIA Novosti reports. The emergency regime allows the White House to impose various sanctions against those in the United States who are considered a threat to undermine the electoral system.

The American leader clarified that the emergency regime will operate at least until the fall of 2022. Biden agreed that so far Washington has not been able to find evidence of any state’s interference in the US presidential election. Apparently, the regime was extended to continue the search.

The White House has repeatedly accused Russia of machinations that allowed to change the vote count in the elections won by Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump. Washington has already announced that Russia is going to intervene in the midterm elections in 2022.

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