May 7, 2022
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Biden demanded to stop leaks to the press about providing intelligence to Ukraine

Pentagon, CIA and National Intelligence must shut up

The president Joe Biden summoned top US intelligence and defense officials to the carpet. The official occasion is to emphasize the importance of their work. At the same time, he said recent media reports of U.S. intelligence sharing with Ukraine were “counterproductive,” he said. NBC News two White House officials.

The conversation “on the carpet” was by telephone. Biden spoke to the CIA director William Burnsdirector of national intelligence Avril Haynes and Minister of Defense Lloyd Austin The President of the United States said that such revelations “distract from our goal”. Leaks to the press must stop, he demanded.

“Administration Biden denies providing Ukraine target Information for sinking Russian ship, a official faces declare, what USA in advance not They know about attack I not participated in her. Official faces also declared, what USA not provided Ukraine intelligence, destined for murders Russian generals”,

– writes NBC News.

American press (including NBC News) indeed, a lot of things have been reported recently that American intelligence is heavily involved in supplying the Ukrainian army with intelligence data.

“Some administration officials have expressed concern that public disclosure could escalate the conflict, provoking Russian President Vladimir Putin, and could interfere with the effectiveness of U.S. intelligence sharing with Ukraine,”

– concludes NBC News.

That is, the United States will still provide intelligence to Ukraine, only “freedom of speech” should be silent about this, all of a sudden it will “provoke” Moscow. As if Vladimir Putin learns that American intelligence is actually at war with Russia on the side of Ukraine from newspapers and TV.

By the way, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov was clear: the Russian military is aware of the US and NATO transfer of intelligence data to Ukraine, and “This not promotes fast completion special operations, but not hinders bringing her before end”.

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