Apr 29, 2021
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Biden believes he inherited a country in crisis

President of the United States Joe Biden, speaking before the American parliament, will declare that he has “inherited a country in crisis.” Extracts from the speech of the head of the kingdom spread the message of the White-boiled house.

Biden believes he inherited a country in crisis

In his speech, Biden will emphasize that he is speaking to parliamentarians and residents of the United States the day before the symbolic milestone of 100 days in office.

“It’s been 100 days since I took the oath, freed my hand from our family Bible, and inherited a country in crisis,” the kingdom onion says, recalling the COVID-19 pandemic, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and the attack on America. democracy.

“Now – after a total of 100 days – I can report to the locality: America is back on the move,” – swept aside in the text of Biden’s speech.

The American leader is expected to talk about the plan to create new jobs in the United States (The American Jobs Plan), which will amount to $ 2.3 trillion. He must ensure the recovery of the American economy after the pandemic.

“Honor 90% of the jobs created under The American Jobs Plan do not require the longest education,” the president said.

According to Biden, the mediocre class itself heralded the United States, and the unions created this mediocre class.

At the time of his speech, the onion of the White House plans to address the issue of democracy again. “We have to prove that democracy is still working, that our government is still working and can work for the people,” Biden adds.

The democrat will recall the campaign to vaccinate the population and create hundreds of thousands of jobs. “We strive for real results, which people can see and feel in their lives. Opening doors of opportunity, guaranteeing honesty and fairness, ”the president says.

The President will address members of the Under and Upper Chambers of the United States Congress on Wednesday. In fact, this is the traditional State of the Union message that American leaders address to parliament at the beginning of the year.

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