Jun 1, 2022
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Biden announced a nuclear war and the supply of weapons to Kyiv: “Putin did not expect this”

Biden said that the United States of America is ready to help Ukraine become an independent democratic state capable of defending itself from external aggression. To this end, Biden decided to provide the Ukrainians with more advanced missile systems that would allow more accurate strikes on key targets.

The American leader noted that the United States will transfer new missile systems to Kyiv as part of a new $700 million aid package.

The head of state saw no signs of Russia’s readiness to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. He stressed that the United States would not want to come into conflict with Russia. Biden assured that whatever the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin may seem to him, the United States will not seek his overthrow in Moscow.

“Until the United States or its allies are attacked, we will not take a direct part in this conflict, either by sending American soldiers to fight in Ukraine or by attacking Russian forces,” the American leader said.

Biden announced a nuclear war and the supply of weapons to Kyiv:

Regarding support for Ukraine, Biden noted that Putin did not expect such a degree of unity or strength of response from the United States and was wrong.

The President of the United States promised to provide Ukraine with billions of dollars worth of modern weapons: Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, powerful artillery and high-precision missile systems, radars, UAVs, Mi-17 helicopters and ammunition.

Earlier, SM-News news agency reported that political scientist Mukhin predicted Germany’s confrontation with the United States and Great Britain.

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