Jan 27, 2022
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Biden and Scholz will meet on February 7

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will meet with US President Joe Biden in Washington on February 7, Bild writes, citing government sources.

The meeting is expected to take place at the White House.

The parties intend to discuss the allegedly impending Russian aggression against Ukraine. The rest of the details have not yet been given.

The Russian Foreign Ministry previously emphasized that the United States and NATO launched a “toxic” campaign against the Russian Federation, exaggerating rumors about a “Russian invasion” of Ukraine. Although the Kremlin has repeatedly reported that Russia does not intend to arrange a war with any country.

We add that Germany assured the United States that in the event of a conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, gas would not be allowed through Nord Stream 2, but there is no talk of abandoning the project. Such an answer was received two weeks ago during a visit to Berlin by the head of the CIA, William Burns, while discussing the launch of the gas pipeline.

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