Jan 7, 2022
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Biden accused Trump of trying to prevent a peaceful transfer of power in the United States

President of the United States Joe Biden, on the anniversary of the storming of the Capitol, accused former head of state Donald Trump of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power in the country. RIA Novosti reports.

Biden, speaking in Congress, said that the ex-President of the United States not only lost the election, but also tried to prevent a peaceful transfer of power by attacking the Capitol. The current leader did not mention his predecessor by name, but indicated that the former head of state “created numerous lies around the 20202 elections,” and directly watched the assault on TV.

“His sick ego means more to him than our democracy,” Biden said.

We will remind, on January 6, Trump’s supporters broke into the Capitol and interrupted the meeting, which was supposed to confirm Biden’s victory in the presidential election. Several people became victims of the riots.

Earlier it was reported that Trump appealed to the Supreme Court with a demand to prohibit the disclosure of documents relating to his administration, as part of the investigation into the riots in the Capitol.

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