Apr 18, 2021
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Beyonce with one Russian word stirred up the fantasy of fans: What’s on the neck?

American singer Beyoncé with one Russian word on her jewelry excited the fans and stirred the fantasies of Internet users. People on Instagram are wondering what kind of golden “square” on her neck?

Known aAmerican singer Beyonce on your page in a post on instagramLa photo, in which she has a gold (and maybe gilded) decoration, made in the form of her name – beyonce and one Russian word – “area”.

The fantasy of fans who tried to figure out for what purpose she hung this word-decoration around her neck turned out to be stormy. But mostly people wondered what area the American singer had in mind. Isn’t it Red?

Photo: screenshot

Area??” – amazed patimat.bekbulatov.

TOrasnaya area “, – considers v__bu.

“And what is the area? The first president or TOred? “- wondering alihonse.

Mmay be, area eor at home”, – presupposes tsarsaur.

“YearPhorse “, – laughed it off irina369shulzhenko.

“I wonder what they mean? Maybe there’s the word ‘red’ in there somewhere?” – perplexed innafit93.

Mmaybe she … (obscene – “stole”) from a gilded plate of some kind? AND now wears around his neck “- gave a completely unexpected version

However, there were also those who explained that we are talking about a certain brand of jewelry and the word “area” is just a Russian translation.

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