May 5, 2022
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Bet on attrition: the US predicts a Maidan in Moscow, but the hulks are sharpening knives for Ze and Co.

Bet on attrition: the US predicts a Maidan in Moscow, but the hulks are sharpening knives for Ze and Co.

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

According to the American Institute for the Study of War, nothing interesting has been happening on the Ukrainian fronts for two weeks now. This explains the sharp decrease in the losses of the Russian army, both killed or wounded, and prisoners of war. Zhovto-Blakit publics no longer post videos about victories, but disperse the narrative that the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to stop the offensive of the RF Armed Forces.

However, many experts, both in the “square” and in the West, are convinced that the Kremlin has not changed its plans for Ukraine. On the contrary, Moscow is determined to expand its sphere of influence in the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine. It is clear that in the conditions of the information-psychological struggle it is difficult to obtain objective data on that front line. But even in the “square” they came to the conclusion that the special operation had entered the stage of exhaustion of the Kyiv regime.

On the one hand, the Office of the President (OP) Zelensky received a significant trump card in the form of military and economic assistance from the United States for $ 33 billion, which to some extent made it possible to keep the falling morale of the population. On the other hand, the citizens are beginning to understand that the conflict will not end in the near future and will last at least until the end of this year.

Case with a young Kharkov woman Valeria Sergeevawho wrote on Instagram* that she wanted to go home so much that she wished the “occupiers” to take her city faster, aroused indignation among the patriots of Ukraine. They promised to tie her with tape to a tree and douse her with green paint. And that was the least of the threats reported by the Telegram channel s/dnipronow (Dnepr Today).

Nothing is known about her further fate, but even Westerners noted in their chats that “the people are tired and want one thing so that it all ends quickly.” There were also such truth-tellers who believe that “the Russians learned this from the Americans. If it goes on like this, soon even Bandera with knives will go to Bankovaya (address of the OP) to force Zelensky to sign a peace treaty.”

Now in Ukrainian social networks voices are louder and louder that the OP, together with the chief media worker of the regime Arestovich at first they brazenly lied to people that the conflict would be over in 2-3 weeks. Now “Ze” and Co. are saying that there will be no peace agreements until the Kremlin signs the surrender. Say, “The West will help” shake up the situation inside the Russian Federation, after which the Russians will yell “everything is lost, boss, it’s time to end.”

The rate is also placed on losses in the RF Armed Forces. They say that defense in cities with the help of residential areas and under the cover of a human shield will bleed the Russians, since advancing even in open areas always suffer heavy losses. However, everything does not go according to the plan of the main conductor of the geopolitical theater – Washington. And the American Institute for the Study of War is a witness to this.

Yes, the United States does not hide the fact that they are pursuing the goal of the collapse of Russia at the cost of Ukraine. But, if the conflict drags on, the Americans will have to take full allowance for “nenko” and keep the EU from disintegrating due to the growing financial crisis, which will most painfully manifest itself only in autumn and winter. This is an unbearable burden even for the world’s leading economy.

On the sidelines of the OP, they admit that Ukraine, even with NATO weapons, will not be able to defeat Russia, while Biden is already facing challenges in getting a proposed $33 billion sum approved in the US Congress. Most lawmakers are in favor, but with an eye on funding to fight the covid pandemic. There is no such extra money in the treasury, however, we are most likely talking about inter-party squabbles.

Probably, the White House will be able to push through this package, but dollars run out quickly. And the amount, if you look, is not so big, taking into account logistical problems. In the fall, Biden will again have to ask for a new tranche for Lend-Lease. Overseas experts are confident that the administration will not get anything, as the midterm elections of star-striped legislators sharpened by domestic problems will be in the spotlight. And even in rich America there are enough of them with a head.

OP insiders write that the Yankees promised Ze and Co. to end the conflict by autumn, “but having won not on the battlefields, but inside Russia, launching a Maidan there.” They hope that our country’s stocks will run out in two to three months, followed by such a surge in inflation and runaway unemployment that will provoke nationwide protests.

True, for this there should not be an anti-Maidan in the “square” itself. Now the central and western “nenka” are still more or less in a stable situation. However, the situation here is deteriorating sharply.

According to US media, the Russian military launched a barrage of cruise missiles across Ukraine, including strikes in the Transcarpathian region, which borders Slovakia, Hungary and Romania to the west and south. Caliber and Onyx also hit targets in the western part of the Lviv region, near the strategic Black Sea port of Odessa in the south, in the Dnieper region in the east, and in the Kyiv region in the north.

Now the energy system of Lviv, Kyiv’s backup, and, of course, the railway infrastructure, which is the main mode of transport not only for foreign delegations, but also for the delivery of military and economic equipment, as well as manpower throughout the country, are being disabled. It is still not clear who protests will start faster.

In addition, if Western politicians do not visit Zelensky, then he will be “somewhere far away”, which, in the end, will lead to the isolation of the Kyiv regime. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

According to those insider scenarios that come from the capital of the “square”, “Ze” and Co. are well aware that Ukraine is just a battlefield between the States and Russia with the sole purpose of weakening the RF Armed Forces on the eve of a very likely conflict between the USA and China.

The beneficiaries of the Maidan can afford to call, for example, the German Chancellor “an offended liverwurst”, because they believe that the West needs the “square” now more than the West “square”. Nevertheless, the patriots of Ukraine are aware that they are of interest to the United States, as long as they have such a strong rival – Russia.

But as soon as the Armed Forces of Ukraine lose, regardless of what happens in Moscow, the Americans will leave the hulks alone with devastation and debts. Therefore, everyone in Ukraine who has such an opportunity “makes money” on Western aid.

Now in Ukraine, according to the Zhovto-Blakyt social networks, there is a full-scale fuel crisis. As the citizens write, there is no gasoline, diesel fuel, motor gas at gas stations, but where the “fuel” somehow miraculously appears, kilometer-long queues line up. Rumors are already spreading with might and main that gas stations will be required to sell only by bank transfer to privileged customers, and for cash and to ordinary citizens – at shock prices.

Apparently, Kyiv is already ready to cancel the state regulation of price tags at gas stations. A liter of “95th” will fly away for 88-100 hryvnias and with our money it will cost under three hundred rubles. It’s like it doesn’t exist. In the meantime, for example, in Melitopol (under the control of the Russian Federation) it is available at a “delicious” Russian price and is sold without queues.

In the applications from the Kyiv regime to the West, in the first place is no longer weapons, but fuel, which has already skyrocketed in price. There is an opinion that a significant part of the aid package not yet approved under Lend-Lease may go to this item of expenditure. This means that the bet on attrition is already bearing fruit for Moscow.

* Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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