Sep 6, 2021
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"Best decision made by Russia": British readers stood up for the Russian father

The suspect in the murder of a pedophile in Samara has been placed under house arrest. “The best decision Russia has ever made,” write British readers.

A court in Samara has put under house arrest a suspect in the murder of a man accused of pedophilia, the British newspaper Daily Mail writes. Readers warmly supported the decision of the Russian court.

We are talking about a resident of Samara who accidentally exposed a friend who turned out to be a pedophile. According to the available information, the man found a video of the seduction of his 9-year-old daughter on a friend’s phone. According to the investigation, the angry father tracked down the pervert and dealt with him. The suspect claims that the pedophile committed suicide himself. The court gave him two months of house arrest.

The best decision Russia has ever made

– the reader writes under the nickname bluehound.

Vladimir (Putin) must give him the highest award of the Russian Federation,

– adds Chabuddy G.

Glad to hear that Russia has a sense of justice,

– notes BScaller.

Also in the comments, they recall how in similar situations the United States and Britain defended the rights of pedophiles, gave them new personalities and even allowed them to take care of children. Many commentators express solidarity with the decision of the Russian court.

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