Jun 2, 2022
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Berlin “evacuates” the “fifth column” from the Russian Federation

Berlin "evacuates" the "fifth column" from the Russian Federation

Photo: DPA / picture-alliance / TASS

The German authorities have decided to give the green light to entry into the country to the Russian opposition – those who openly oppose the leadership of Russia and the special military operation in Ukraine. At home, they are allegedly subjected to “harassment and threats,” as the head of the German Interior Ministry said. Nancy Featherand Germany offers them “protection”.

First of all, we are talking about human rights defenders, independent media journalists, activists included in the register of foreign agents, employees of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) recognized as undesirable in Russia, as well as scientists who, due to public criticism of the special operation in Ukraine, “cannot freely continue your work.”

For representatives of these categories of Russian citizens and members of their families, the German government will simplify the bureaucratic procedures for obtaining a residence permit. In addition, it will extend the period of stay in the country from 90 days, which now implies a tourist Schengen visa, to a longer one. To what extent is not specified. It is not clear yet how exactly the applicant will have to confirm compliance with the specified criteria. At the same time, journalists facing “pressure” in their homeland were promised the opportunity to engage in professional activities “freely and independently of Germany.”

So, the former editor of Channel One Marina Ovsyannikovanoted in March by the “pacifist” broadcast of the Vremya program, after her demarche (he, by the way, cost her 30 thousand rubles in a fine), she moved to Germany and even got a job in the Die Welt newspaper.

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in his Telegram channel, he advises everyone “who opposes their country and wishes it to be defeated” to go “to the Germans as soon as possible. And preferably irrevocably under pain of criminal liability for fakes about the armed forces (of Russia, – OK.)”.

At the same time, Medvedev suggested, as a mirror response, “to think about preferential entry into Russia for all those who actively oppose Germany and not only” against the chancellor Scholz and similar European leaders.

Assess Berlin’s plans for the Russian “fifth column” “SP” asked Senior Research Fellow, IMEMO RAS EAT. Primakov, political scientist-Germanist Alexander Kamkin:

– Germany has been supporting various liberal-minded non-systemic opposition for a long time – be it Kasparov*, whether they are various bloggers, or political figures, or just showmen. This is justified by the struggle for the establishment of civil society, for the development of democratic institutions, and so on.

But, in fact, indeed, with all the differences in the field of activity and in the significance for society of such characters, they are united simply by frenzied Russophobia and an extreme degree of anti-state attitude. It can be various public figures: journalists, bloggers, politicians. Not the point.

Previously, they existed on various grants from American and European NGOs, in particular German ones – there were a number of political funds operating in Russia. Now the activities of many non-profit Western organizations are covered up. And, accordingly, it is difficult to issue grants due to financial restrictions imposed by the EU itself. It even went so far that the Russian opposition was given cash right at the German embassy.

Now the Germans are taking out their agents of influence – it is difficult to call them otherwise. It cannot be ruled out that they will try to change the structure of this “fifth column”. Obviously, already realizing that inside Russia they will not be allowed to turn around, they will train anti-Russian activists to try to destabilize the situation from the outside.

Therefore, in principle, this can be regarded as an extremely unfriendly step aimed, among other things, at undermining the national security of the Russian state.

“SP”: – Dmitry Medvedev proposes to mirror the Germans and invite here everyone who is dissatisfied with the policy of the current German authorities. Will this offer be accepted?

– In Europe, indeed, there is a dissident movement that does not agree with the policy of the European Union – for various reasons. It could be the so-called “European sovereignists” who do not want the EU to become the United States of Europe. This is a fairly wide range of covid dissidents – people who are against forced vaccination. For example, I have a friend from Germany who teaches here and doesn’t want to go back because he doesn’t want to, as he says, “inject himself with all sorts of filth.” And he is afraid that they will be forced to.

There are right-wing politicians and public figures who are in favor of the “Europe of the Fatherland”, and they are impressed by the nationally colored rhetoric of the Russian leadership and the upholding of state sovereignty. These people are indeed being repressed by the European authorities. Up to a ban on the profession and harassment in the media.

That is, in principle, it is possible that Russia, let’s say, could become such a second homeland for them. It does not matter whether there will be many of them, or whether there will be individual iconic personalities, but to provide an alternative to the European Union in this respect, in terms of self-expression, in terms of upholding a civic position, this, indeed, would probably be interesting and useful.

And Russia, in turn, could get good qualified personnel in various industries. Which, in principle, could also compensate for the departure of those representatives of various professions who are in demand, who, driven by their liberal convictions, flee – some to Turkey, some to Georgia, some to Honduras. If only not to live in Russia.

“SP”: – And how much in general can a Russophobic Europe now serve as a refuge for those who consider themselves to be part of the Russian opposition?

“I’ll tell you frankly, they don’t like traitors anywhere. To the same Dudu**, and all other “dudiks” will have to constantly prove their loyalty to “European values”. Might even have to sign up for a gay advocacy league. Or even lead it. And still they will be reproached for being from Russia.

They will raise their personal degree of hatred for the Russian state. But this is a breakdown of the psyche, in fact. And these will already be deeply unhappy people with crippled destinies.

Again, the green light in the labor market and in various social programs will now be given to refugees from Ukraine. And our, let’s say, offended liberals, in this regard, will lag behind in the tail car of the European train

* Garry Kasparov is included in the list of individuals acting as a foreign agent.

** Yuri Dud is included in the list of media and bloggers acting as a foreign agent.

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