Sep 14, 2020
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Benefits or money. You need to choose the form of social services before October 1

Russians who are entitled to benefits and social support measures can receive a range of social services. It is presented in two forms - in kind or in monetary terms. The Pension Fund of Russia recalled that it is necessary to determine exactly how a citizen will receive these services before October 1, 2020.

Social Service Pack Content

The natural form involves the provision of a set in the form of social services:

- free medicines, medical devices and medical food products;

- a free voucher to a spa treatment for the prevention of major diseases, if there is a medical indication;

- free travel by suburban railway transport, as well as by intercity transport to the place of treatment and back.

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Petr Gusyatnikov, Senior Managing Partner of PG Partners Law Firm, added that for disabled people of group I and disabled children, it is envisaged to obtain a second voucher for an accompanying person.

If a citizen refuses to receive benefits in kind and chooses monetary compensation, then he has the right to count on monthly compensation, said Peter Gusyatnikov.

In 2020, it is 1155.06 rubles. Of these, 889.66 rubles are compensated monthly for drug provision, 137.63 rubles for sanatorium-resort treatment, 127.77 rubles for travel.

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The FIU website notes that by default a set of social services is provided in kind. The exception is citizens who have been exposed to radiation, to whom the kit is initially provided in a monetary version.

Who is eligible for a set of social services

Citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in Russia and belonging to federal privileged categories have the right to receive a set of social services, said Peter Gusyatnikov. This category includes:

- participants and invalids of the Second World War;

- war veterans;

- Former underage prisoners of fascism;

- veterans and family members of the deceased (deceased) veterans;

- disabled people;

- disabled children.

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How to get a set of social services

- If earlier an application for refusal to receive social services in kind was already submitted, there is no need to write a new application. The set will be paid in cash until you change your mind, - explained Pyotr Gusyatnikov.

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The monetary equivalent of services is paid in full or in part. To receive the entire set (or part of it) in money, you need to submit an application to the FIU in one of the ways before October 1 - through your personal account on the FIU website, in the PFR client service or in the MFC.

It is important to note that when a new application is submitted before October 1, social services for the selected option will begin to be provided from the beginning of next year.

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