May 14, 2020
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Benefit or harm? Dr. Komarovsky spoke about gloves and coronavirus

Dr. Komarovsky decided to dispel misconceptions about medical gloves that are accepted (and in some countries it is even necessary) to wear as a means of protection against coronavirus. According to the expert, gloves do not guarantee 100% protection against the virus, and are not intended for this at all. There are nuances - as in the case of the protective masks that the doctor talked about earlier.

Komarovsky emphasized that the constant use of medical gloves should be the norm for medical workers, but at the same time should not be mandatory for all citizens. Gloves, he noted, were not invented “just in case”, but for a very specific application.

They are needed to protect the hands of a medic who works with the blood or secretions of another person from diseases that are transmitted through the blood and these secretions. And the meaning of gloves for an ordinary citizen who went to the store is completely unclear.

- Medical gloves are necessary in order to protect the hands of a person who is in contact with the blood or secretions of another person during an illness . They are also needed when a person works with chemistry, the doctor noted.

Dr. Komarovsiy noted that as an opportunity to hide sloppy manicure from prying eyes, while beauty salons do not work, gloves are an excellent way out.

But if we grabbed the doorknob with our hands in gloves and touched the surface where there were “snot and drool” of patients with coronavirus, they, of course, remain on the gloves. And if you later automatically touch the face, adjust the mask, touch any mucous membrane, and so on, as a result, infection is likely - it’s the same as touching your hand. In general, gloves are insidious thing. Moreover, few people know how to remove gloves correctly.

- Do we understand that people are not able to take off gloves very often? And when a person returned to the house wearing gloves, in the process of removing them he becomes infected. And then, what a tremendous amount of garbage we add to the environment! - noted the doctor.

In addition, Komarovsky focused on the psychological aspect: since gloves cost money, some people will turn a blind eye to their “disposability” and will use it several times, and some even forget to wash.

- So let's not fall into insanity. Gloves are needed by medical professionals. Gloves do not need to be worn by everyone around. From an epidemiological point of view, nobody needs this. This is harmful to the environment and this is an occasion for corruption, ”Komarovsky summed up.

Earlier, Dr. Komarovsky said whether coronavirus would give Ukrainians the opportunity to relax at sea this year.

Dr. Komarovsky was one of the first in Ukraine to start informational and educational work regarding the epidemic (then still not a pandemic) of coronavirus. In particular, to ward off panic, Komarovsky on his own initiative came to Novye Sanzhary after the riots caused by the arrival of Ukrainians from China for observation, and gave a lecture for the residents of the village.

Even earlier, Yevgeny Komarovsky that there are a huge number of viruses that are much more dangerous than the coronavirus COVID - 19. However, no one really knows anything about the "fresh" virus, no drugs, vaccines, and no one has immunity to it. Therefore, everyone is so scared.


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