Oct 13, 2020
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Beloved Sofia Konkina after her death realized that he did not love the chosen one

07:52, 13.10.2020

The last three months before the tragedy, the daughter of Vladimir Konkin met with the driver Mikhail Serov.

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At the end of September, it became known that the daughter of actor Vladimir Konkin drowned in the pool of the capital's fitness center in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Death investigation Sofia acquires new details. For example, more information appears about the girl's personal life. For the past three months, Sofia has lived with a driver named Mikhail Serov... The man was very worried after the tragedy, but over time he realized a lot, which is why his attitude towards what happened changed.

So during the investigation, from the correspondence of Sofia with her roommate, it turned out that their relationship was rather tense. The man accused his beloved of excessive wastefulness and love for alcoholic beverages. Konkina assured that Mikhail was putting pressure on her and behaving inappropriately. Serov after the death of Sophia began to speak more negatively about his chosen one.

“I thought I loved her, but now I'm not sure. Of course I miss her. But after her death, I began to learn very unpleasant things: supposedly, in parallel with someone else, she was talking nasty things about me. What kind of love is this? " - Michael was indignant within the show “Let them talk”. Serov is sure that Sofia died because of her love for alcohol. According to him, Konkin's daughter did not control herself before after drinking alcohol.

Sophia Konkina's boyfriend said he didn’t love his partner

Serov is sure that Sofia took a bottle of wine from home, drank it on the way to the fitness center, and then bought another one in the supermarket. True, this version was not confirmed. The landlady of the apartment where Sophia and Mikhail lived found the very bottle of wine that Konkina allegedly took from the house.

Vladimir Konkin is convinced that his daughter was killed, which is why he insists on a thorough investigation of this case. The main argument why Sofia could not drown herself - she swam well. In addition, according to her father, Sofia had plans and goals for the future, and this excludes the version with suicide. It is worth noting that after visiting the fitness center, Sofia had to go on a date with some man. While his identity is unknown.

Mikhail Serov passed a polygraph test

Recall that Mikhail Serov is one of those whom the Konkina family blames for Sofia's death. To remove suspicions from himself, Mikhail became the hero of the show "Actually" a week ago and passed a polygraph test. It turned out that Michael did not enter into an agreement with anyone to eliminate Sophia. In addition, he was not with her in the pool at the time of her death. We add that Mikhail never poured any preparations into Sofia's wine. Experts concluded that Serov is not directly related to the death of the actor's daughter. However, during the show, it was indicated that the final conclusions will be made by the investigating authorities, because they are already dealing in detail with what happened.

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