Nov 19, 2021
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Believing in a premonition of good luck, the buyer bought lottery tickets and won

belief in a premonition of good luckA resident of Silver Spring (Maryland, USA) drove to a gas station for gas and, having refueled his car, drove on.

belief in a premonition of good luck

But then a 60-year-old man experienced something that he describes as an inexplicable sense of luck. He felt an unbearable desire to go back and buy some lottery tickets. It is not known how often our hero listens to his inner voice, but this time he did just that.

belief in a premonition of good luck

Premonitions did not deceive the lucky man. Of the five tickets bought, the last one enriched the owner by $ 2 million. The man said that at the first moment his jaw dropped. Well, a big win may well be unsettling for a while.

Kind seller did not suspect that he would enrich the customer with a million dollars

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