Oct 14, 2020
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Belarusians did not understand their happiness and did not overthrow Lukashenka

And a political ghost rode across Europe

Still, Belarusians are clumsy: they still did not understand their happiness and did not overthrow Lukashenka. But they were presented with this happiness on a silver platter! Nimble guys from social networks and Polish mouthpieces of American freedom made a hoot about the results of the presidential election. They say, believe us, people: dictator Lukashenka threw in a marked card. 80% of the votes were received not by him, but by the President of Light. It was he who didn’t take 10% wherever he wanted to, the dictator.

They worked day and night, spared no effort, and the Belarusians did not rise up as a whole nation, preferring to watch at home on TV how the opposition is having fun. And she decided not to joke; unleashed on the riot police freedom fighters with improvised means to injure: cobblestones, sticks, sharpeners, bottles with a combustible mixture, firecrackers. It seemed that here she is a new "square" and will raise his hands up the hill!

However, the OMON for some reason did not run over to the side of these fighters, and even tapped the most zealous with truncheons on the traffic organs. Bummer turned out. And what a shame: heroic guys with improvised means are available, but "heavenly hundreds" did not appear. The dictator closed the border with Ukraine, from where only specialists in the formation of the "heavenly hundred" could come with the help of sniper rifles. And from the Polish gentry you will not expect big money for big bloodletting. Therefore, the fighters rolled back a little and announced to the clumsy Belarusians that they would now fight the dictator “exclusively by peaceful means”. For example, in your free time from demonstrations to find out the addresses of the riot police, the names of their children and parents and, in the spirit of democracy, threaten them with class revenge and even physical violence. It is immediately clear that after they win, everything will be fair in Belarus. As in Kiev.

However, the riot police in Belarus are kind of clumsy: they did not kneel like the police in America before BLM...

Then the columns of heroic girls took to the streets, ready for anything. The girls shouted to the riot police: "Nobody will give you"... It is immediately evident that the girls are proud, decent, only get closer to ideological companions ... However, such a sexual-political raid only amused the Belarusians. The innovation did not take root. Although in some other country, you see, it will work. For example, in Kyrgyzstan: the show has not ended there yet.

After such a failure, pensioners went into battle. True, it was not possible to gather a large crowd of elderly people, they rarely read opposition media, but a column of 150 people gathered and immediately turned into a "sea of ​​people" in the eyes of the opposition media. Then, of course, "The elderly, sickly and helpless people were brutally dispersed"... Website TUT.BY immediately posted the heartbreaking story of a frightened son who could not find his mother that night. The young man rushed around Minsk, visited all the police stations and found his parent only in the morning. It turned out that the 59-year-old pensioner was just standing at the entrance to the metro, when they approached from behind, took her by the arms and took her to the station. And they kept it there all night. Apparently, they tried to sew on the case. Inhumans! In general, the innocent victims, according to opposition media reports, cannot be counted in Minsk.

Meanwhile, the President of Sveta was touring Europe, portraying a political figure. Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Bratislava and, of course, Warsaw opened the doors to her. True, the media reported little on the content of the negotiations. Indeed: how to cover meetings with a political ghost - it is, then it is not? So it turned out to be an international incident: President Sveta was accepted everywhere, but no comments. Even Angela Merkel remained silent, as if she had not met Europe's new hope. Maybe German intelligence reported to her how many votes the president of Sveta actually received in the elections?

Then this hope of Europe returned to Vilnius and began to say that it still represents the entire Belarusian people; just Belarusians are stupid. And Lukashenka needs to be included in the EU sanctions lists so that he knows how to persecute freedom fighters.

However, Europe is in no hurry with this. And then the dictator Lukashenka took and met with the arrested rebels in the Minsk KGB detention center. The conversation, according to rumors, was frank, but for some reason the rebels did not spread much about it. Apparently, Lukashenka made arguments about which it is not worth talking much. Convincing arguments, apparently.

In general, the struggle for freedom and democracy in Belarus has stalled and the second Ukraine may not work out.

However, there are no hopeless situations. It would be time for those who, with the means of injury in their hands, to stop burning tires at night in sleeping quarters and to frighten passers-by. It's time to join the partisans. This is a good tradition in Belarus. Even when the Germans once again wanted to instill in her a European way of life, half of the country went into the forests, and the remaining half of the country supported the departed with bacon and moonshine. Therefore, if a partisan detachment named after Gene Sharp appears in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, the international community will warmly welcome this. And the detachment will simulate active partisan activity on the principle of the elusive Joe and make its way to the border of free Lithuania. It will be a stunning project - cleaner than the “Heavenly Hundred” project! When the riot police catch the members of the detachment, the glory of its fighters will rise to the heights of the glory of Che Guevara. A huge amount of money can be made on this topic. Proven by practice. Otherwise, the opposition will soon be forgotten.


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