Nov 20, 2021
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Belarusian Senator Abel: Poland classifies migrants as second-class people


Belarusian Senator Abel: Poland classifies migrants as second-class people
Global Look Press
Attila Huseynov

The politician said that human life should be the greatest value. Therefore, everything that is happening in the center of civilized Europe, in particular the aggressive actions on the part of the Polish security forces, leads to the idea of ​​the future of the world.

“Yesterday, the West, speaking with many voices about human rights, introduced and continues to introduce new sanctions against Belarus. Only we, Belarusians, like no one else know the price of freedom and a peaceful life, respect and value human rights. We know how to compassion and cannot afford to leave in trouble those who have lost the most precious thing – their home, their Motherland, ”said the senator.

She added that the leadership of Belarus and its citizens do not divide people by nationality or ethnicity. That is why, the member of the Council of the Republic explained, the refugees at the border were not left without support and humanitarian aid.

“The Polish authorities, apparently, classified the refugees from the Middle East as second-class people unworthy to have any rights. I think that today every Belarusian relies on the common sense of the West, which, in a peaceful dialogue with us, will find a way out of this situation as soon as possible, ”Abel concluded.

Earlier in “NewInform”: the state border committee of Belarus said that Lithuania is manipulating refugees in the border zone.

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