Apr 27, 2021
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Belarusian Foreign Ministry: Ambassador in Lithuania has nothing to do with Belarus

Julie Fischer develops a vibrant business in Vilnius

United States Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fisher, who settled in Lithuania for an indefinite period of time, during her first “working” week, managed to make statements strange for a diplomat.

Complaining that Belarus does not issue a visa, it nevertheless does everything possible to ensure that it is not allowed to enter the country further.

So, at a meeting with journalists, the diplomat said that Alexander Lukashenko it is not long left to be in power – in the near future there will be another president in the country, according to the Voice of America. Washington is very concerned about the growing dependence of Minsk on Moscow, which testifies to the weakening of the sovereignty and independence of Belarus, Fischer added.

The US Ambassador spent her first “working” week in Vilnius in meetings with Tikhanovskaya, the leader of the Belarusian opposition, and with other opposition representatives based in Lithuania.

With Tikhanovskaya, Fischer discussed new sanctions that the United States is imposing against nine Belarusian state-owned enterprises “a week earlier than planned.” How pleased Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who, as a “true patriot” of her country, welcomed the American sanctions.

Another Belarusian opposition leader who fled to Paris Pavel Latushko stated that the US ambassador could present her credentials not to Alexander Lukashenko, but to the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Makei.

However, Minsk was surprised to hear the news that the US Ambassador to Belarus will receive accreditation in Lithuania.

“We, frankly, do not have any official information on this matter, and the statements of various Lithuanian persons have recently been so numerous and contradictory that it is somehow frivolous to rely on them. However, it is not entirely clear to us even what we are talking about, what kind of accreditation? Purely hypothetically, if this is the accreditation of the ambassador at the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, then it means that there will be two ambassadors of the United States in Lithuania, who will represent American interests there. It is quite obvious that the ambassador in Lithuania has nothing to do with Belarus and never will, ”

– quotes the commentary of the head of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus Vladimir Makei press service of the country’s foreign policy department.

And according to the political scientist, head of the Center for Belarusian Studies of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolay Mezhevich, “Accreditation of the US Ambassador to Belarus in Vilnius is impossible from the point of view of international law”

“A certain lady, whom the State Department recommends as an ambassador, is such an ambassador only after she presents her credentials to the President of the Republic of Belarus, he accepts them, and from that moment the countdown of the ambassador’s activities begins. Until then, this is just a diplomatic worker with an incomprehensible status, “

– explained the political scientist in an interview with radio Satellite Belarus

Meanwhile, a “diplomatic worker with an incomprehensible status” has already held meetings in Vilnius with the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. Mantas Adomenas and with the Ambassador of Poland to Belarus Arthur Mikhalskiy, which also now resides in Vilnius instead of Minsk.

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On the picture. Julie Fischer, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, as well as Artur Mikhalsky and Mantas Adomenas in Vilnius, source – Telegram channel

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