Jan 8, 2021
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“Belarus will die out”: economist Delyagin predicted demographic catastrophe after Lukashenka’s departure

The rampant coronavirus and the onset of cold weather practically brought the protests in Belarus to nothing. This allowed the current regime to buy some time for itself.

However, experts believe that President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko will still be forced to leave his post in the foreseeable future. Analysts remind that the demand for change among citizens has not disappeared anywhere.

Oleksiy Dzermant, an expert in the field of continental integration, believes that events in Belarus may follow the Ukrainian or Moldovan scenario. According to the analyst, this implies bribery of politicians and parties and constant riots in parliament.

The famous Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin, in turn, envisions an even darker future for the country. The specialist is sure that Alexander Lukashenko will leave power in a year, but after that life in Belarus will not get better. Delyagin explained that if the influence of environmental activists in Europe increases, Minsk risks losing one of the main sources of income – the transit of oil and gas from Russia to the EU countries.

According to the economist, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is far from the worst contender for Lukashenka’s post. The expert believes that a “liberal scumbag” may come to power, after which Belarus will “die out.” Delyagin predicts that in this situation, within five years, half of the country’s population will go abroad, and the state will be plundered.


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