Apr 20, 2021
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Belarus was warned of the danger of repeating the “terrible fate” of Ukraine: It is impossible to sit on two chairs

Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Alexei Zhuravko called on President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to abandon the multi-vector approach.

The politician said that the leadership of Belarus was able to resist only thanks to the support of Russia and its law enforcement agencies. Recently, the FSB reported about the arrest in Moscow of two Belarusian citizens who were preparing a coup in Minsk and an attempt on the life of Lukashenka and his sons.

The head of the country accused the US special services of preparing the operation. He believes that the plan to overthrow the government has received approval from the top American leadership. Zhuravko believed Lukashenko’s words. He recalled how in 2014 the United States kindled the situation in Ukraine.

The expert is sure: if it were not for Russia, then Belarus has already “burned in the fire of civil war.” In his opinion, opponents of Alexander Lukashenko would destroy the centuries-old Slavic history, sneer at the monuments and heroes of the Soviet Union who fell for peace and freedom.

Zhuravko called on Belarus to unite with Russia. He noted that countries may have different economies and currencies, but history, spiritual content, human bonds should be the same. “This is the only way to avoid the loss of statehood,” the ex-deputy stressed.

The politician added that if the leadership of Belarus does not decide who it is with – the West or Russia – then the country will continue to collapse from the inside. According to Zhuravko, the republic can repeat the “terrible fate of Ukraine.” “It is impossible to sit on two chairs!”, – he concluded.


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